Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dreams Destored

 These time are very dark. I keep up with what is going on in the whole but now it looks very dark. I have worked hard to get the things that I have. But now there is a person in Washington DC that wants to take that all away. The things that I have gotten has been a long road to travel. Right now I'm on a trip that I have been looking forward to it for months is starting to look as being  a nightmare. When I go on my trips I go to help with making my life look better. But this trip hasn't been great. I go on this trip to forget all the stress of the outside world but not this trip. My depression goes away while I here, but the nightmare is still here,

I don't have a great life. I don't live a life of the American Dream. My life is life of horrors. A lot people think that I life is great. I don't work and I have gotten a lot of things to live on. To most people I'm just freeload. But they don't know the horror that I have been though. I don't wish this on anybody. I just have to live with me. It is a matter of time when all the thing that I've worked on get.

Things have to change. And the big thing to get rid of a person that is the leader of this country. this man needs to be stopped before he destroy peoples life.  I will not be able to handle the next four years, Stop this man.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Last Halloween Party

Last night I went to the Halloween party and it was so crowded. The lines to do anything were long. On top of it it being to hot. I had to leave early because I wasn't feeling well. My meds had wore off and I was in so much pain. I could barely walk. Walking back to the bus was the worst. It took me 45 minutes to walk back to the bus. I would past Cast Members and none of them could see that I was in pain. I did get photos with Jack and Sally. I had a great time interacting with them. I told them that nothing scares me. Jack couldn't understand that. I'm that the type of person that I have no emotions. I did get alot of pictures of my time with them. After that I walked around to the trick or treat station. That was a nightmare too. The long were too long.

As much as I love Halloween I won't be going to the party again. Sadly the night was cut to short. I din't get too much candy as I hoped for. It was too hot and crowded.

A very big disappointment! I won't be going back.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Doing Swag Bucks while on Vacation

When I go on vacation I take my laptop. I always do my Swag Bucks  when I'm gone. I don't do as much as I do at home just so long as I get to the first Goal. Since SB's clock is on Pacific time and I'm in Florida there is 3 hour difference.

How I work it is I will get up 4-5 am and I will get my laptop going. I will do it least two hours and when I get back for the evening that can be anytime between 9-12 am. I can do a couple hours before going to bed.

I can get as set of videos going while I go to take my shower  or if I make a run to the food court to fill my water bottle.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Living on Section 8

Section 8 is a program though HUD that give Low Income people a chance to live in apartments. This program has been around since the 1940's. This program isn't easy to get on. To get on this program you have to a income that is in the limit and fall into the areas that can gt this. If you get on the waiting list  the wait can be long if the list is open. In which has been closed for years.

When I got on it was 1987. The wait them was 6-8 years. I was living in a abusive home so I was able to get though the red tape fast.

This program is the only way that I can live alone. I have a nice apartment and want to live on a long time. I will never gt off this. I will never have the money to pay for my apartment. I will never be able to get a house. I can't manage what it takes have a house.

I have to go though a lot of loops to gt this. I have to fill out paper work every year. Go though inspections of m apartment. I have even have to deal with bad inspectors. I will never be able to get off of the program.

I do have a wish to get a house but that is not going to happen. The type of house that I would like is a Tiny House but there are none in Tucson or a place to put one.

 I will always be on this for the rest of my life. So I have to do all the paper work and deal with the inspection.

Monday, August 21, 2017

What Luggage to Take

I have little more than 30 days before I leave. Well it time to decide what luggage to take. I always take three bags with me. One to check in and two carry-on. When I come home I will check in two bags. I don't have to worry about fees since I take Southwest. The big thing is deciding which bags to take. Well last year I found a new case at Macy's sale. It is a Hard sided case. I got a great deal on it. I will pack half with clothes and the other half with things that I can't have in my carry-on. One of the carry-on I have the things that I will need when I get there. The second carry will have things like my laptop. I also have a back pack but it will be packed.

The way that I pack I will have room for the things that I buy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flying out of TIA

TIA is the Airport in Tucson. It's a small airport. There are about 14 gates. So three are just a few of airlines that fly out of there. I fly on Southwest. The other airport is Skyhabor that is in Phoenix. It's a two hour drive from Tucson. It is a much bigger airport. The fares can be better but there is the drive. Since I don't drive I have to take a shuttle.   It can cost $80 round trip. Adding the air fare and shuttle they can be higher than the fare out of TIA.

TIA is around a 30 minute drive from where I live. I have a friend that gives me a ride to the airport. Since the flight that I get coming back very late at night I have to take a shuttle. It's not a bad ride home, since I come in so late I can be the only one on the shuttle.

My upcoming flight is leaving on a Saturday. I have always flown during the week so this is going to be something new. Since I have TSA pre check going thought security fast. I have a long flight. It's 7 hours. It's a flight that has 2 stops but I don't have to change planes.  It's going to be a long day for me but the great thing at the first stop I can change seat to something better.

I will have my laptop and a table that will be fully charge so I will have something to watch TV. I also have to remember to bring some food. Southwest only give peanuts. So taking something is a good thing.

When get to Orlando it will be 7 pm. I won't be checking a bag this trip. So I will be doing carry on. On my other trips I have Disney pick up my bag and bring to to the resort. Since I getting in at the hour that I am I'm going to carry  thing on. If I did that pick up I might not get my bag until the next day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Caller Scams

Lately I have been getting a lot of calls from numbers that come from phones that hide who they  are. These people hide behind numbers that are a City and State not a name that real numbers have. this is getting to be a big pain in the butt.

There are two scams that are really big. These call say that they are from the Government. The two scams are the IRS and Grant scams.
The IRS scams says that you owe money and if it isn't paid they will get you arrested.
The Grant Scams they tell you that are getting a Grant that is for a sum of money.

First of all everyone knows that the US Government doesn't call people. They send letters. If they need to talk to you the letter will tell you to call.

These scammers are not in the US  they are in India. If you listen close you will hear a lot of background noise. These are Boiler Rooms. These people don't speak clear. Their accents are very heavy. They don't know how to say words right in English.

The one thing stop answering call that don't say who they are or a number you don't know. IF you Google they will tell you about the number. Most of calls are from Ghost Numbers.