Friday, March 30, 2018

How much time I spend doing Swag Bucks

I have been on Swag Bucks for going on 5 years. I have made $5K in that time. But that takes a lot of time to get to. I make $100 a month but still I put in a lot of time.
First I'm home all the time so Swag Bucks is something I do to pass the time. I also do this while I'm watching TV. I get things started first thing in the morning. The time that can be 9-12 hours. That is a lot of time to put in but that is what it take to make $100 a month.

What I do is watch Videos. sign up for things, and from buying things online.

There are things it can run themselves. Most these thing can take up to a hour to run. So in that hour of time I can go and do other things. I also run  my desktop and laptop. Sometimes I run my tablet to make the goals.

Even when I go on a trip I do Swag Bucks. I only use a laptop so I only make the first goal.

It's possible to make money online but it take time.

Monday, February 12, 2018

How I find the Best Airfare

Air fares can be different each day. One day it is high and a week later it's low. You can hear many different people say the best time to buy but it always doesn't work. I fly Southwest Air. I have a easy way. If the Airline has a Flex Calendar and you can be flexible you can find a good fare. When I start looking for a fare I start looking 6-7 months before I want to go. If I find the flight that I want to take and if the fare is fair I will book the flight. If the fare goes lower all I do is re book the flight. I always go  for the Wanna Get Away fares. Now I always find the lowest to begin with but if the fare is lower I can use for another flight.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How I Plan my Trip to Disney

I travel to Disney twice a year. I have a Annual Pass so I don't have to buy tickets when I go.
When I plan my trips are based on Airfares. I fly on Southwest Airlines so I'm on the lookout for low fares. I have a limit of $200 each way for a flight. Since I fly out of a small airport I have a limit of 4-5 flights to Orlando. When I look for a flight I look at when the flight get into Orlando. The flight can be a flight that it leave in the morning and getting in the afternoon or flight that leave in the afternoon and get in early in the morning. It just depend on fare. My current trip I found a deal of $132 for a flight that gets in early in the morning. It is a cheap airfare but I have to spend 3 hours layover in Vegas, it not bad because I know what I can do to fill the time. The big thing is not to play the slots. When I look for a fare I have at least three dates in mind. For my next trip I have a date in Sept, Nov and Dec. So it just depend on fare.

When I narrow it down to a date I check Disney's website for rooms. Since I have pass I do a Room Only. The way all I have to do is paid for first night and pay the rest when I get there. Sometimes it can be full rate but I will be looking for a discount so doing room only. When I get a discount what I have to pay when I get there goes down.

Since there is a limited flights from the airport where I live. I can travel up to Phoenix where there are more flights and fares are some what better I have to travel 2 hours to get there. So the fare and the cost of travel it is better to fly out the smaller airport.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How to make the Refillable Mug worth it

The Refillable Mug is a mug at WDW. It is a offered in the Dining Plan or you can buy it. I buy it every trip so I try to make it worth the money I paid. I always bring a  empty wide mouth bottle. I take the bottle and fill it with ice then I will fill the mug with soda. Then I pour it into the bottle. Then I have something to drink while I'm at the park. Doing this way is legal to do. All you are doing the mug with soda.

I bring two bottles with me.  I will refill the bottles 5 times every day.. Doing that many times can cover the cost of the mug after the first day.
In the morning I will go to fill the first bottle while I get some breakfast. The second on my way out to the park. The third and fourth I will go to take a break or grab some lunch at some resort, then #5 I will refill it before going to my room. Soda  is $5 in the parks. Filing the bottles as many times as I do would cost $25 a day. I pay $20 for the mug so it made back the first day.

You can go to any Resort Food Court to get a refill.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

How I can afford to go to Disneyworld

I travel to Disney World at least twice a year. I live on a fixed income and don't work. I make extra money by doing Swagbucks. I live in Arizona. I don't own a house or car. I get rid of my credit cards. I have a Pre Paid Card it's the Bluebird card and it is sold though Walmart. It's backed by American Express so it doesn't have fees.

After all my bills are paid I put $300 each month on the card. I budget out 4-5 months ahead of time. When I have $1200 budget out I start planing a trip. During this time I'm checking airfares. When I see a cheap airfare I start getting my Disney Plans made.

I fly on Southwest Airline. They have good fares and don't charge for bags. The flights that leave in the mornings don't get on the late afternoon so I take on of the late flight. These flights leave in the afternoon and get in  early morning. The booking doesn't start until the time I get to MCO so I have to spend some time at the airport before getting to go to the resort. I can spend 3-4 hours at the airport so I do have pillow so I can sleep.

I have a Annual Pass so I don't have to buy tickets so I book a Room Only.

When I come to Shopping and Eating I do buy two Gift Cards. I buy them before I go because I get fuel points that I give to a friend that drives me get to use.

Doing Swagbucks I can make $100 a month so when I make $400 I can pay for my airfare.

It is possible to go to Disney World when living on a budget.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Daniel's Jewelry Review

A while ago I went into this store to look around while I was in there a woman keep telling me about the credit card I told her many times that I wasn't interested but she didn't stop. I applied for it just to make her stop. I got it even with a low credit score. Found out later that this was though In House Credit and the rate was 29.99%. If I knew about in I wouldn't done it. I ordered a ring but it had to be ordered. Within 7 days I got a bill saying I had to make a payment with 10 days. I never got the ring and they want me to pay for it? CRAZY!

I went to Yelp to make a review and that got the attention of the Head Office. After telling this guy what happen I told him that I wanted to return the purchase and have the charge taking off but they couldn't do it. The guy said that I could go back and get the charge taken off. I will do this in a few days.

I will never do business with this company. Their jewelry is cheap looking.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cast Members

Disney calls the people that work her Cast Members. In All the years I have been coming I have been able to talk to a lot of them. I'm my life at home I won't talk to another people for days, Sometime longer. So I look forward to having chats with CM's. I have some of the best chats. S lot of them love to talk to people. They are there to help in anyway they can. Each CM wears a name tag with their first name and the place that they are from.

In all my year coming to Disney I have met a lot of CMs. A lot of they are here on the Collage Program and can be here for a limited stays. There are a lot that have been here for years. I have met some that have been here since day one. 45 years that is rare here. If they have been have for more that 5 years they are Old Timers. Talking to these people is real fun. They are Cm's that I make a point to seeing. Since I stay at POP there is a woman that has been here for 30 years. She only worked some other job but a lot of it is at POP. Her name is Tammy. She has dark curly hair. If you ask anybody "Where's Tammy?" they will tell you. I make it a point talk to when I get here and say Bye to her when I go home.

This trip I make so friends that I will be looking for when I come back. A woman who name is Kim, she work at Animal Kingdom. She is at Island Merchet, She is a older retired nurse that has been here for a few years. We would talk about the health benefits to coming to Disney. She told me what shops she works and told me the next time I come to find here,

At EPCOT I met is guy. He is a good looking black man. When I first started talking to his I said, "Your a tall drink of water!" He never herd that phase before and when I told him what it means he cracked up laughing. I asked him how long he has been married,I saw a nice looking wedding ring. He said 21 years. Now Days that is along time. I told him that when he get home he should write down this memory. People like me don't come around a lot. Also I told him he should tell his wife what I said. I know that she will give him the look and then start laughing.His name is Rodrick. He is part of the DVC and tried so hard to get me into this. I told he it wouldn't work and why.

At Magic Kingdom there is a guy who play the piano at Casey's corner. He is very famous. he wear a blue name tag. This is only given out to outstanding CM's. He was play the piano and noticed my birthday button. He said "Hey it's Sara's Birthday so let sing Happy Birthday to her." So everyone sung Happy Birthday to me. That made me feel so good to have this happen. A bunch of strangers all singing Happy Birthday. That will  remember for a long time.

The best for last is the College Program kid that are in EPCOT. These people are from other country. They love to here about other places in the US and teaching about I will never see these people again so their name are many.

The Cast Members are the best thing about coming to Disney!