Saturday, May 27, 2017

Elsa isn't Gay

There has been this rumor floating around that Elsa needs a girlfriend. Well guess what! She isn't gay. She is a Snow Queen. Most people don't know what a Snow Queen is. One thing they aren't gay. What it means to being a Snow Queen is a woman that has no emotions for other people. They prefer to being alone.

Elsa grew up in a royal house. She only had her sister to play with. When her powers were show her parent choice to shut her away. So when it was time to her to becoming Queen she choice to stay away from other contact. When people saw that she had a power people saw her as a monster so so she ran away. She started to live alone.

What made people think that Elsa is gay. Is when it was her to unfreeze Anna. It was the love of Sisters. That doesn't make her gay.

I can understand Elsa because I'm a Snow Queen. I grew up with a Mental Illness and my parents took a blind eye to it so I spent a lot time being alone.

I went to school but I didn't have friends. Even when I got old and moved to a big city that didn't change things I still had no real friends.

Still to this day I'm alone. It a lifestyle that I Love and Hate.
My twitter handle is Snow_Queen_AZ

If you want to the means to being Snow Queen Google "What is a Snow Queen."

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Pandora is a land that is opening up in Animal Kingdom at WDW at the end of May. At the time of this writing I won't be there. I will see it on my trip in Sept. Ii have watched a lot of the videos on YouTube. From what I have seen it will be a "WOW!" I have seen the movie. I didn't care for the story but did like the world  of Avatar.
I can't wait to see it in person. On my trip I plan on going one time during the day and second time at night.

There is only two rides and right now I'm not going to do them on this trip. It can take up to a year before all the bugs are fixed so I will do them on my second trip.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Going to Disney World Alone not Solo

First of all I should make clear what I mean by Solo and Alone. Going Solo means that no one has the time to go with you. Going Alone means that you have nobody. I have NOBODY!

I have always traveled alone. I don't have family or friends to speak of. When I go to Disney World I go alone. Going alone doesn't mean that I don't have fun. I have a blast! The only time I feel alone is when I'm eating.

I do chat with other people but it's only for a few minutes. I always wish that I could meet some people to hang with. I like to talk with Cast Members. There was one time I met a Cast Member that when I said that I was eating at Jiko she joined me.

When I go to Disney World I'm a different person. Since the people that I see I will never see again.  So I make up a different story each time I go.

I have one wish and that is to meet some people that would like to hang out.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Harry Potter Test Results

I found the Sorting Hat sites and some videos so I have my results of what house I would be in. I did this test four time with all the same outcomes. My House is Raven claw.

I found a test to see what character I am. Herimione Granger. Also I took a test to see who my best friend would be and my result was Herimione Granger.

My favorite character is Luna Lovegood. I have her wand.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Favorites Of Walt Disney World

I have been going to WDW for going on 10 years. Here is my favorite things and places .

Resorts: Pop Century. I have stayed there 11 times. I have stayed at All Star Music and Movies but like Pop the best. What I like about Pop is that they have their own bus. All Star's share a bus.

Park: All of them!

Food at Parks: MK Columbia Harbor House Lobster Roll

Epcot:  Too many places to eat.

Hollywood Studios:  None

Animal Kingdom; Yak and Yeti Restraint  Kobe Beef Burger

Disney Springs: Blaze and Earl of Sandwich.

Must do rides.

MK: all classic and Seven Dwarf Mine Train

Epcot: Soaring and Spaceship Earth

HS: Toy Story

AK: Safari and Everest

Favorite Chactor: Eeyore and Elsa.

Favorite things to buy: Money Cat from Japan. Handmade animals at AK.

Must go to Shops at Disney Springs: World of Disney, Christmas Store, and Harley Davidson,  

Favorite Airline: Southwest. They don't charge for Bags.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Facebook is a NOT

A few years back I got on Facebook. The reason I got on it was because the sites that I shop thought will have deals from time to time. So of the people that I watch on You Tube have fan pages.

Well I thought this would be a way to get in touch with people I went to School with, but that wasn't the case. I found all these people. After a while none of them got in touch with me. So they were deleted.

I did find cousins that I haven't talk to year and they had no interest in me. I did get a little tired of reading about their lives that got them deleted.

I did keep one cousin that I have never met and a aunt that I have never met also a aunt that I last saw in the 90's.

I have tried to meet up with the cousin that I haven't met but she never gets back to me. Oh Well!

I don't have any real friends because I'm a Snow Queen. I only have 3 people and fan pages that I like to visit.

Facebook is a BIG NOT to me.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Southwest Gift Cards and Swagbucks

Three years ago I find a site called Swagbucks. This site you can get Swag or points for all sort of thing. Shopping and watching videos are good ways to get SB.  But here is a ways that you can get Southwest Gift cards or any gift care and get a lot of SB.

My next time is on Southwest. So what I did is go to My Gift Card Plus and found that then had Southwest cards. I bought cards to cover my flight.

The cards that you can buy are $25-500. What you can get back in SB's is 75-300. If you can get back 75-300. From time to time you can get bonus of a extra 100 SB. You get back 75 cent to $3.
The redeeming SB's is 1 SB = $1.

Swagbucks is a great way to get rewards for for something you do everyday be Online. I have been doing it for three years and have made $1000 a year. It take some work but after a while you can get it to run itself.

If you want to sign up for hit this link, , You get SB's just for sign up.

Swagbucks payback is in Cash or Gift Cards are the common rewards. Cash is paid on Pay Pal so no waiting for checks.

Redeeming SB's take as long as 7- 10 days by I have gotten  things back within a couple days.

Getting SB's for buy Gift Cards are paid as soon as when you get your card. The SB's are added to you daily goal meter.