Friday, May 31, 2013

Final Booking

Well it had been a interesting few months waiting for a new promotion to come out. Well every May Disney comes out with a Free Dining Plan. So I re booked my trip well because where I was staying didn't offer the Free Dining. I had to change my reservation to another resort. I changed it to Pop Century Resort. They offer the Quick Service for free. I have stayed at this resort a couple of times and like it a lot. The reason why I like it is they don't share a bus with another resort. There isn't too many resorts at WDW that don't share the bus.
By changing to Pop it lower my trip by $300 so I had money to add some thing. I added Photo Pass+. Photo Pass is where people take pictures for you. They also use better cameras. This also means that everyone in the party can get in the picture. I like it because I travel alone. Sometimes it's hard to ask people if they would stop to take a picture for me.
After your trip you go to the website that your photos are stored, do you editing and after that is all finished Disney sends you a CD with all your photos.

Now that I will be staying at Pop Century now is a OK deal. I really wanted to stay at Art of Animation's Little Mermaid room but I save $300.
Those two resort are close to each other so I can go there to visit. I have seen many pictures and videos that it look awesome.

I have three month wait to see it.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My upcoming trip to Walt Disney World

In Sept. I going to be traveling to Walt Disney World for a 10 days. This is a trip that I take every other year or so.
My planning stated back in July. Sometimes planning a head of time helps. Well that is if you are trying to get into a special resort. I was going to book for Art of  Animation. Staying in a Little Mermaid room. Since this is a new resort booking so fast so when the window opened I book my stay. It's only a year and a half away. So I contacted my travel agent and booked the trip. Also another thing about booking early is being able to make payments. It's going to take that long to pay it off. One thing t is great about booking though a agent is, they can find deals and rebook your package when they come up.
Well to TODAY. I have 4 more months to go and there is a lot to do before going. Booking air, paying off the trip and what to pack. Getting what to pack can take 4 months!
Florida in Sept can my tricky. Knowing how the weather there can be a pain.

Welcome to Everything Disney!

Welcome to my Disney Blog! I'm a person that loves Disney and runs my life The Disney Way. I travel to Disneyland and Walt Disney World a lot. I will be talking about a lot of different things on Disney. Everything from traveling to Disney to well everything.

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