Friday, May 31, 2013

Final Booking

Well it had been a interesting few months waiting for a new promotion to come out. Well every May Disney comes out with a Free Dining Plan. So I re booked my trip well because where I was staying didn't offer the Free Dining. I had to change my reservation to another resort. I changed it to Pop Century Resort. They offer the Quick Service for free. I have stayed at this resort a couple of times and like it a lot. The reason why I like it is they don't share a bus with another resort. There isn't too many resorts at WDW that don't share the bus.
By changing to Pop it lower my trip by $300 so I had money to add some thing. I added Photo Pass+. Photo Pass is where people take pictures for you. They also use better cameras. This also means that everyone in the party can get in the picture. I like it because I travel alone. Sometimes it's hard to ask people if they would stop to take a picture for me.
After your trip you go to the website that your photos are stored, do you editing and after that is all finished Disney sends you a CD with all your photos.

Now that I will be staying at Pop Century now is a OK deal. I really wanted to stay at Art of Animation's Little Mermaid room but I save $300.
Those two resort are close to each other so I can go there to visit. I have seen many pictures and videos that it look awesome.

I have three month wait to see it.

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