Thursday, March 20, 2014

Booking four Your Trip to Walt Disney World

Now you have you have finely decided that you want to take your family to Walt Disney World and now you want to book a trip, but where should you go. Should you go to a hometown Tour Agent or should book online? Well that is up to you. The best thing to do is to look for the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner sticker. If they have that sticker they can book your trip with all the Disney perks. I like to book online. The agent that I use is Kingdom Magic Vacation. They can take care of all your needs for make a Magical vacation. There are many different agencies that are also online that can help you out.

What a Disney Agent does is they book your trip, help you make any reservations that you need. They can also save money for you. If there is a promotion they can rebook you vacation and save you some money.
A Disney Agent can get you the Dining Plans. There are some times that Disney will offer The Dining Plan for free. If you can get this the agent can rebook so you can get this.

Also another thing that is going though the Disney website or Authorized agent you can make payments.

When you first book your trip you will have to pay a $200 deposits and then you have until 45 days before your trip to pay it off.

I suggest that you make your reservations at least 12 months ahead of time. If you book early this will give you time to pay off you vacation .

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