Thursday, March 20, 2014

Christmas time at Disney Park

I have gone to Disneyland and Walt Disney during Christmas time. I can't believe how well they decorate the parks. It's something that they do over night. Last year I went to Disneyland and this was the first year that decorated Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. It was something to see. Cars Land was decorated with all types of car stuff. The really interesting to see.There were snowflakes that are made out of wenches, there were Christmas Trees made out of Hub Caps, and a lot of different car things. Buena Vista was decorated in the old 20's style of Christmas.
In 2007 was the first time that I went to Walt Disney World for the Holidays. I couldn't believe how much Disney did to the parks and resorts.  One of the favorite thing to see was at The Studios. In the Streets of America it highly decorated with millions and millions of Christmas lights. It's a display that was from the Osborn family. This is a different family. This family is from Little Rock, AK. This display is HUGE!
Each resort has a been decorated in each theme of the resort. A the resorts have a tree decorated in the theme of the resorts.  There are some resorts that have Gingerbread houses and other things that are made out of Gingerbread, My favorite Gingerbread house is at Grand Floridian, they also have a Christmas tree that is something to see. I went of a tour of the Holiday Decoration. It a very interesting tour to take. You learn a lot about how they decorate the parks and resorts. The tree at Grand Floridian take 8 hours to decorate.
Disney does a great job on decorating. I always tell people if you love Christmas decorations you have to go to Walt Disney World.

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