Friday, March 21, 2014

Different Disney Buttons

Disney has a lot of different button that you can get to wear to show that you are celebrating something special. These pins range from Your First Visit to Just Married. One on my favorite pins to get is the Birthday Pin. I like to get it every time I visit. When I'm there my birthday has past by many months but I'm celebrating my Birthday at the park. Every time I get it I say to the Cast Member that gives me it that they should have a Unbirthday Pin. Many won't understand that it means but to a Disney person or Cast Member they would know what it means.
Unbirthday comes from Alice in Wonderland. It was a Tea party that The Mad Hatter had. It's just a good reason to have a celebrating.
When I get my Birthday Pin I have the Cast Member to put a Un above the Birthday.  I really like the treatment you get when you wear a Disney Pin. Every Cast Member will wish greetings that your pins say.
One year I got a Birthday Pin when I was at Walt Disney World. It was wonderful! Every time a Cast Member saw my pin they wished my a happy birthday. Every restaurant they brought out a cupcake with a candle, when I would get a birthday card signed by all the characters, and when I went to a restaurant in France at Epcot all the wait staff sang Happy Birthday in French. I found that to be very special. Also walking around I would have other people wishing me a happy birthday. By the end if the trip I lost count of how many greetings that I got. the great thing was I had Happy Birthday said to me in 14 different languages.

The next time you go to the parks go and get a Pin. Let the fun begin.

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