Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disney Horses

Anytime that you go to Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom you will always see the horse drawn Street Car. Horses have been a big part of Disneyland since the opening in 1955. Walt Disney had a great love for horses. When Disneyland first opened there were 125 horses that were working in the park. There was even a Mule Train ride. The place that stables all the horses is the Circle D Ranch. Some other farm animals are housed there. Circle D Ranch is located right behind Toontown. Now Circle D Ranch has 25 horses.

The most famous horses are the ones that pull the Street Car down Main Street. These horses have the easiest work schedule in the park. These horse only work 3 hours a day and each horse works 3 days a week. These horses are out from 10:30 – 1:30 everyday depending the weather.

On my last trip to Disneyland I caught a ride on the Trolley. This horse was doing he park training. So there were some of the trainers that was with the horse. I got the chance to talk with one of the trainer. This horse name was Rodger. He was on his park training. During the ride he stop off and on he wasn't use to the some of the things going on but over all he was good horse.

I asked the trainer some questions about the horse training. There horses that Disney gets have been trained in pulling a wagon. Sometime the will get a horse that is 6 years old. The training can take a lot of time before a horse goes to work inside the park. In the training that a horse goes though has task that have to be handed. A horse has to get use to a lot of different things before going out. The horse has to use to things like balloons, a lot of people. Strollers and sounds of the park. To get to the point of being able to work the parks has no set time table.

When a horse gets ready to work in the park they are now Cast Members of Disney. They even have their own name tag. The tag hangs inside of the trolley that they are pulling. Each trolley has two Cast Members. One is driving the trolley and the other walks with the horse. They are also to make sure people are out of the way.
The horse love their work. The horses work as long as they as able to handed things. When I was talking to the conductor one time I was chatting to her about the horses. The horse that was pulling the trolley was named Fritz. While chatting with the Cast Member I mentioned about another horse, the night before I wen to Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween party, I has said to the CM that the horse that they Headless Horseman was riding was a very beautiful horse. While I was talking Fritz started shaking his head. I said to Fritz that he is beautiful too. When I said this he started nodding his head. Disney horses have a personality. There are horses that have been working in the park for 15-18 years.

Now the Ranch that the horses are at Walt Disney World is housed at The Tri Circle Ranch that is at the Fort Wilderness Resort. I have never been to this ranch yet. At this ranch houses all the horses that work at WDW. At the Tri Circle Ranch has Horse Back riding and Carriages.

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