Friday, March 21, 2014

Disneyland and the Full Moon

On Oct.17 I was at Disneyland. That day was the start of a Full Moon. Things happen when there is a Full Moon and it did happen at Disneyland. Attractions were breaking down a lot. Now a lot of attractions break down but this night there were more break down than normal. I have been going to Disneyland many times over the years but I have never been there when a lot of attractions down. In my many visits I have never been taken off a ride because of a break down. I was hoping that this would never happen to me but lucky does run out.
I was going on Splash Mountain. It was in the afternoon. I had a Fast Pass that I got out of the machine. It didn't take a long time to get on the ride. I got on and I was lucky to get the back seat. Things were going well until we got to the first Flow Control area, when the boat got stuck about a foot before the control. There was a loud sound coming from the boat. I and the other people didn't feel that something was going on. It wasn't until there was a announcement say that there is a log jam. Still nothing was happening. I looked back and saw that there were other logs getting stuck behind us. After a few minutes someone showed up and manual reset the control. The log that I was on started to go thought. We started to float thought the ride. Strange thing the music was off but things were still moving. It was a little bit odd but it was nice. Then we got to the Second Control area and we stopped again. This was strange. Not again! The lights were on so we could see some of the detail inside. The one thing that I have never notice was that there is a Road Runner inside. The other people were pretty clam with being stuck. We started chatting while waiting for someone to come. After ten minutes two Cast Members showed up to unlock the seat belt and lead us off the ride. I told the cast member that I have never been taken off a ride because of break down. The weird thing was when we got to the outside to take the stairs down. It wasn't a long staircase but it was small. When we got to the front of the attraction the Cast Member gave us Fast Passes for another ride. I told the guy that I was leaving for the day but was coming back the next day. He changed the date on the pass so I could use it the next day.

Later that evening I came back to the park because I wanted to ride The Matterhorn at night. As I was getting to the Single Rider line the ride broke down. Not again but it is a full moon. The Cast Member said that it would take 45 minutes before it would be back up. A lot of people left but there was some people stuck it out. Well nobody knows how long it could take. I didn't leave. I wanted to this at night. The views are great at night. While waiting I got to chat with a nice family of three. The daughter was in a wheelchair and really wanted to go on the ride. Chatting can sometimes make the time go faster. Before we knew it 40 minutes passed and things were back up. The sad thing that the girl couldn't go on the ride. The side that they opened up was the side that was too jerky for her. She was was so disappointed. After the ride got running I got on right away.

That evening I heard that Alice in Wonderland also went down. But it was a Full Moon so anything can happen.

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