Friday, March 21, 2014


The other day I went to see Frozen. I always go to the first show because it is cheaper.  When I was there, there was a group a kids. When I go to movies there isn't too many people there.  Well this time there was more than a dozen people there.
When the movie started there was a short "Get a Horse." This movie started out with the look of being hand drawn and something out of the 20's. The really cool thing was the voice of Mickey was done by Walt Disney himself.
Frozen was a great movie. It is set in Norway. Disney artist to a great job in making is like you are in Norway. Well they were sent to Norway to do their research. The movie starts out with little Anna trying to wake her sister Elsa to play on night. Anna and Elsa go to the ballroom and Elsa has the power to make snow so she makes the ballroom into a place where Anna could go sliding. When Anna is sliding around Elsa would make piles of snow until she misses making a pile of snow Anna slips and hits her head. This knocked out Anna. When her parents came and saw what happened. They decided that what Elsa can do should be hidden. So they lock Elsa away. Anna never understood why Elsa could come to play.
After some time the parents are killed and Anna and Elsa live locked away in the castle. Until the day when Elsa could become Queen. During her crowning she has to take off the gloves that protect her hands from freezing things.
She gets upset and she freezes the Kingdom. People see what she does and calls her a demon. Elsa runs away.
This movie is very enjoyable. the detail is great. I will be going to see it again.

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