Thursday, March 20, 2014

Going Solo

Traveling to Walt Disney World solo some people would think that it's boring. But that isn't the case. When I go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World I go by myself. I don't have family or friends that can take the time to travel. I travel alone a lot. You would think that gets boring and dull, but that isn't the case. I have a better time when I go alone. I can go to the rides that I want to ride. See the shows I want to see. If I went with someone I have to take account what they wanted to do and see.
When I go I still have a good time. Sometimes while waiting in line I will start a chat with other people. This is easy to do at Disneyland than Walt Disney World. People that go to Disneyland know and can speak English. At Walt Disney World people from all over the world come to visit so having a chat with them can be hard to do.
Going solo can be great when getting on some rides. A lot of the bigger rides have Single Rider lines. These lines are short because they don't go though the que. Single riders are fill ins when there are groups are small. For example if the ride have three or more seats and the group can't fill the row they will get a Single Rider to fill in the row.
When at Disneyland the rides that have Single Rider lines are The Temple of Doom and the Matterhorn. At California Adventure Radiator Springs Racers. The Standby line can get to be hours long. The Single Riders line can cut down the wait. When I ride RSR, I have waited as short was 5 minutes to as long as 40 minutes.
When I go on Temple of Dome I can almost walk onto the ride with no wait.
At Walt Disney World that are a lot of rides that have Single Rider lines. They are a lot of the bigger rides. The entrances can be at a different place than the other lines.

When you at the parks and want to take a picture can be hard. At Disney they have people are photo places that will take picture for you. They also have a thing called Photo pass, so if you don't have a camera they will use theirs. The photos will be on a CD or you can buy the prints of the photos. This is offered at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The price at Disneyland is around $70 and at Walt Disney World it's around $200. That can be a lot of money but is worth it when you are alone or not, On my visits to Walt Disney World I got it every time. My last visit I got over 500 pictures taken on a CD. This was during a ten day trip. There is a discount if you order it 14 days before your trip.

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