Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to get around Disneyland

ow to get around Disneyland can be  simple and I will help you when I tell you how I do it. I have been going to Disneyland for years. I have gotten a lot of tricks to get around the park.
First thing; Getting into the park. If you want to get into the park right when the park opens, you want to get there at least a hour before because the gate open early, but not the whole park is open. They do this to so it doesn't get too crowded. When the gates opened Main Street is the only thing that is open. Then around 9-10 am is when they will open the rest of the park. The have a ceremony the is called "Rope Drop." They have a rope at the beginning of the HUB and  at Adventure land. When they do this they have a count down and then the rest of the park is open. When this happens everyone rushes to there favorite ride. Disney has rules to this. No running. So the key is walking fast.
Now everyone had their route they like to do. Ones that stand over the HUB and heading to Fanstyland or Tomorrow land. But I have my own route to take. I like to go to Adventure land first. I have a route I do all the time. I do the same three ride before doing anything else in the park.
I like to head to Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom first. The is a ride that a lot of people like to head to right away. This ride has a history of going down a lot. Also the Standby lines can get long was the day goes by. My little secret is to go to the Single Rider way. To go this way you have to ask a Cast Member to get a pass. Not too many know about this way but if you do get a pass you can go though the exit to get in.
The second ride I like to do is Pirates of the Caribbean. This is one of the oldest rides in the park. Even if I have done it countless times before I like to go on it. There is no Fast Pass or Single Riders line. As the day goes on the lines can get very long. Since I have ridden it so many times I like to look at all the different things. There are some interesting touches. there are some things that are over looked. When you get to the area that has the skeleton in the bed. Notice the Head Board. Walt Disney was given that as a gift. Another thing that is over looked is that in the whole ride there are three menorahs. There is a little fact that people don't know. I just learned this. When the ride first opened Disney went to a Medical School and borrowed skeletons for the ride. When they were able to find fake skeletons they returned the skeletons to the School.
The third ride I do is The Haunted Mansion. I have on it  so many times I know the Ghost Host park by heart. There are some things that people don't know and  is that The Stretching Room  doesn't go down. The ceiling goes up. When I get to the loading area I like to snipe a couple a pictures and when I look at them after. There are countless numbers of Orbs.
After I do these three rides I can continue the rest of my day. So when going to Disneyland, get there early. Instead of going to the Right like the crowd go to the Left.

Next post will be on California Adventure.

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