Friday, March 21, 2014

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

On September 17 I went to Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party. I have gone to this party 3 times now. This is a party that goes from Sept to Nov on select nights. At this party anybody can dress up. This is a Hard Ticket party. There is a lot of things to do at this party. You can hit the ride with short or no lines. Get candy from the Trick or Trick trails. Or you can get photos with the characters dressed up it their Halloween costumes.

I dress up like a Pirate. And I started my night going around to some of the characters then I hit the Candy Trail and got a lot of candy. Yes adults can Trick or Treat too. It's a night for everyone. While walking around I can across the line to see There were a lot of rare characters there. These are one that are normally not out n the parks. The rarer the character is the longer lines. I when to see Jack Skeleton and Sally. This was the first time that they had been to the party or Magic Kingdom. The long was long but it went fast. I got some great pictures with them.

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