Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Pass +

During my trip I ordered the Photo Pass +. It was a good thing to get.  Since I do travel alone I don't have anybody to take pictures, but Disney has solved that problem. The Photo Pass. Disney has photographers all over the park to take pictures for you. I get it every time I go there. Disney stepped their Photo Pass service. It's called Photo Pass+. It includes all photo spots, attractions and dining locations. It cost $169 if you order it before your vacation it can be cheaper.
I like to get it because I need someone to take pictures. When I got it for this trip I had over 400 pictures taken. That is a lot but that is the whole fun about having this pass. Every time I saw a photographer I would get a picture taken. I have had my picture taken in front of Cinderella Castle many times during different times during the day and  night.  Some photographers have Magic shots. There are photographers with a lot of the characters. If you are on a attraction that takes a photo you can go and have it downloaded on your card.  I didn't have any of the dining places that offer Pass options so I can say anything about that.
I tell everyone if you are going to Walt Disney World they should get Photo Pass and they will love the service.

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