Friday, March 21, 2014

Planning a Disney Vacation

You have been dreaming about going on a Disney Vacation but it has always been just a dream. Well it's time to live the dream! You need to go to a Disney Park but you don't know anything about what to do. Well this is where I come in. I'm going to help you in planning a Disney Vacation. I have taken many trips to Disneyland and a few trips to Walt Disney World.
I have some helpful tips on having a Magical Disney Vacation.  I have a few tips about Disneyland and ton of Walt Disney World.
First thing you have to is answer some questions before starting planning.
  1. What Disney park do you want to go to. Disneyland or Walt Disney World
  2. What time of year do you want to go.
  3. How much do you want to budget for your vacation
  4. What resort do you want to stay at
These question I can help you in finding the right answer and make you have a Magical Vacation

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