Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rock Your Disney Side Event

Disney announce a event that people are Tweeting about. It's going to be the Rock Your Disney Side Event.  The came out with a photo of 140 characters lined up in a giant hash tag. The event is going to happen May 23 and 24. The parks will be open for 24 hours. From 6 am Friday to 6 am Saturday. This event will be in both California and Floria. In  California,  Disneyland and California Adventure. In Florida it will be The Magic Kingdom.
This type of event has happened twice before. Another Disney Day that happened 2012 and Monster Summer last year. This will be the third one that Disney has done.
I missed those first two because I heard about it after it happen. This time they announced early so I will be there on May 23. It will be a zoo but it's Disney history

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