Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking the Bus at WDW

Getting around on the bus is a good way to go. I always take the bus when I'm at Walt Disney World. There is a good reason why I take the bus vs driver. I don't drive!
Every resort has a bus that goes to all parks and Downtown Disney. Depending on where you are staying the farest park can take at least a half hour. When you take the bus you don't have to worry about driving, and parking the car. BTW the parking lots can be a foot ball field size.
The buses leave the resort about every 20 minutes. The bus starts a hour before the gates open.
Drivers are very friendly and will answer all your question. I have been on buses that have drivers that like to entertain the passengers. Also they will say something if they see a little girl dressed like a princess, if you are wearing a button for something weather if it is your birthday or your anniversary.

If you want to go to another resort all you have to do is go to a park or Downtown Disney and transfer to that resort bus.
If you want to take the bus after the parks closed all you have to do is head to Downtown Disney and transfer there.

So on your next trip to Walt Disney World take the bus. It's fun and a great thing when you are tired.

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