Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

I have been going to Disneyland for many year and always wonder "Is the Mansion really haunted?" Now I'm one of these people that like those Ghost Hunting shows. My favorite is Ghost Hunters. After seeing that they were able to photograph Orbs by just taking pictures, I decided to try it for myself. I have always wondered about The Haunted Mansion. What about all the stories and myths I have been hearing? I have heard of people sneaking ashes on the ride and spreading them on the ride. Now this is something Disney doesn't like people to. If this happens they have to close the ride and clean up the ashes. But does the sprite of the people stay there? Who knows.
Every time I go on the ride I quickly take two pictures in the loading area. After I get off the ride I have taken a look at the pictures that I have taken. When I look at them on my camera I can see all the Orbs that are floating around the darkest of the ride. When I get home and put it on my computer I can see then clearly.  I have shown these pictures to Cast Members at Disneyland. Many are amazed to seeing it. Many have told me that they have photos that are the same way. I have shown it to some other Guests and many can't believe it. I have had some thing that it's something Disney did. I told them that this is something that is real not fake. Many say "When I was there I didn't see anything."
There was one Cast Member that I showed the photos to and he said, "Oh that's photo flairs." 
I have had s lot of CM's tell me stories of things happening backstage and their ghost stories.  If you were to as me if Disneyland is Haunted. I would tell you "Yes it is."  Next time that you are on The Haunted Mansion snap a photo in the load area and see what you can get. That is where the active is. This is the photo. Looking to the right you can see all the Orbs.

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