Friday, March 21, 2014

Using Disney Premier Pasport

Last year I went and bought Disney Premier Passport. This is how it worked for me. I bought it in Oct. I was turning 50 I wanted to have a Annual Pass and this was a good way to go. It cost was $979. It was the start of a adventure of a lifetime. Since I lived closer to Disneyland I bought it there. I spent either the day or did a overnight so buying there was better to do.
I used it 19 times. 9 times at Disneyland and 10 days at Walt Disney World. Everything went well in Disneyland.
But things went wrong when I got to Walt Disney World. The pass didn't want to work because WDW uses a different system so I had some problems. I was starting a 10 day vacation and when I went to the gate there I found out that I had to go to get a new pass. This would take a long time to do about 40 minutes. The Cast Member that was helping me didn't know how to change the pass so it took some time. After getting that taken care of I had a better time of my vacation. Thinking that was the last time I would have problems would stop. I had the feeling that I would have problems when I went back to Disneyland. I said to the Cast Member “I hope you got things transferred.” She said that everything would be OK, so I went of my vacation.
After a few weeks after coming home and then turning around then going back to Disneyland with what I hoped of a working Pass. When I got to the gate and the CM scanned my pass, instead of hearing beep I hear a bad sound. I had found out that there was a another problem. Another CM came over and took my card. I thought not again. He had said that this was a problem since WDW uses a different system. He took my card and said that he would send a email to fix the problem. This would take a day. Since I couldn't use my pass he gave me a different ticket. It was a one day park hopper ticket. He said that it would take at least a day to fix the problem. When I asked about my discounts he told me that when I bought anything to tell the CM that there was a problem with the pass and that they had to hand inter the bar code on the pass. The problem was fixed by the afternoon.

After my last trip to Disneyland with the pass I have done some thinking about if I want to do this again. This is my answer to this question. I won't get it again. The toll that it took on my body was a big problem. Now it did save me money over buying tickets for each visit. The next time that I want to go to Disneyland I will go just once. When I go to Walt Disney World I will just buy tickets.

This is just something that I wanted to do and now I have done it.

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