Friday, March 21, 2014

Weather to get The Disney Dining Plan or Not

Eating at Walt Disney World can get expensive but the food is good. Disney has a plan that you can prepay for your meals. It's call The Disney Dining Plan. There are three levels. Quick, Basic and Deluxe. The plan starts at $40 to $100 per night of your stay. When you get the plan you will get meal and snack credits. All plans include a Refillable Mug. With this mug you can fill it with all types of drink except for juice and milk. You can fill you mug as many times as you want for your whole stay. Each mug has a chip in the cup that will tell you how long you can use it. You can also fill your mug at other resort Food Courts. Now if you are wanting to pour what its in the mug into something else and try to refill the mug again. The chip will tell you how long you have to wait to refill it. Now onto the Meal and Snack Credits.
Each plan gives a different amount of credits that you can use. Quick will give you 2 counter service (CS) and 1 snack. Basic gives 1 CS, 1 Table Service (TS) and 1 snack. Deluxe gives 3 meal credits and 2 snack credits. Meal credits can be used for CS or TS.
I have used all three levels of Meal Plans and they are all worth the money you spend. The Quick Service is the easiest plan to have. The plan will let you go to C S and resorts Food Courts. Basic and Deluxe are good at TS restaurants. These two plans take some planing and reservations have to be made.
When trying to decide what plan will be good for you and your family. The size of your family is. Are you heavy eaters or picky? Disney meal can give you a lot of food. If you have a picky eater you might want to get the QS. Do you want to have your meals planed out or eat when you hungry? When you get Basic or Deluxe plans TS you must have reservations made ahead of time. If you get these plans, I would go online that look at menus to see what you want to eat. With these plans you have to take time out of you time at the park. You can make reservations as early as 180 days before your trip. Some restaurants do book up fast. A lot of the Character Meals and Fine Dining restaurants. When you look at menus try to decide what you want to eat. Since you have got the Plan you don't have to worry about prices.

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