Saturday, April 26, 2014

Free Stuff for a little bit of Time

I have searching the net for things that I can make some extra stuff. Well I found a great web site called Swagbucks. This site will give you points for shopping, signing up for things, surveys and watching videos. Things that you can get with your point are Gift Cards to Cash. That's right Free Money. You can get paid though Pay Pal.
I have been doing this for a year and I have gotten close to $600 in that time. I will put in at lease 1-2 hours a day.That seems like a lot of time but the reward is worth it.

Check out this site and you will be making money soon.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Black Box Reveiw

Last night I watched "Black Box." This is a Doctor that suffers from a Bi Polar disorder. It's a great show that shows that people that have a mental illness can be regular people. Also I can relate to the show because I suffer from a Bi Polar disorder.
When that doctor goes off her med she is a total different person. She can get a little bit reckless in her actions. She also is a doctor that deals with brain problems. She shows that she can relate with the people that she works with.
She also tries to balance her illness and handling a relationship. I can relate to that because that is a big problem that I have.

Living with a Mental Illness is not easy. I hope that this show goes well. Maybe people will understand that people that have a mental illness are people too. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Countdown Begins!

At this time next month I will be taking the train to LA. From LA I will be taking the Metrolink to Anaheim. I have been getting all the plan taken care of for some time. I have all my travel plans made. I have my Train and Air tickets made. When I was doing my research the flight to LA didn't get in until 7 am. Traffic from LAX to Anaheim will be bad at that time so taking the Train is better. So May 22 that evening I will be taking Amtrak. It will take 10 hours to get to LA but it's all night so I will sleep the whole trip. When I get to Union Station I will find the Metrolink that will take me to Anaheim. When I looked at what it would cost to take Amtrak vs Metro it would be cheaper to take Metro.

On Saturday I will flying home.I found a great deal on Southwest.   I'm not finished with things yet. I still have to book my shuttle to LAX from Disneyland and what to bring. I know that I'm going to bring my backpack.