Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Countdown Begins!

At this time next month I will be taking the train to LA. From LA I will be taking the Metrolink to Anaheim. I have been getting all the plan taken care of for some time. I have all my travel plans made. I have my Train and Air tickets made. When I was doing my research the flight to LA didn't get in until 7 am. Traffic from LAX to Anaheim will be bad at that time so taking the Train is better. So May 22 that evening I will be taking Amtrak. It will take 10 hours to get to LA but it's all night so I will sleep the whole trip. When I get to Union Station I will find the Metrolink that will take me to Anaheim. When I looked at what it would cost to take Amtrak vs Metro it would be cheaper to take Metro.

On Saturday I will flying home.I found a great deal on Southwest.   I'm not finished with things yet. I still have to book my shuttle to LAX from Disneyland and what to bring. I know that I'm going to bring my backpack.

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