Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going to Walt Disney World Solo

When I travel to Walt Disney World I always travel alone. I travel a lot of the time alone because I don't have any family or friends that wand to go. I don't care if someone came with me most people are afraid of me. Mainly because I have a mental illness and they don't understand about my illness.
So I go solo.

I always start planning months ahead of time. Most of the time I book though a travel agent this upcoming trip I'm going though Southwest Vacation.

On other trips I have had the Dining Plan but this trip I'm not going to get it.

When I go I like to stay at Pop Century. I have stayed there  many times before and like the size and the way that the CM treat you. It is a Value resort but a bit higher than the All Star Resorts since they are in a different area where room tax is lower.

At Pop I always stay in building 9. It is close to the bus. Also it's close to the Main building. Across the lake is the Art of Animation.

When I have tickets I buy 2 less then of my stay since I don't go to the park on the first and last day. this can save you some money. The upcoming trip I'm going to buy a Annual Pass. Since Disneyland has gotten too expensive I won't be getting the Premier Passport  like I did the last time.

I figure the next year I will take two trips there. Getting the AP will be cheaper than buying tickets so I'm saving some money there. My last trip I had the Quick Service Dining Plan, but this time I'm going to pay out of pocket for my meals. Well if I get the Dining Plan I have to buy two tickets. So I will have a Gift Card that will have $300 to eat with.

When I go to the parks I like it that I go alone. I don't have to worry about someone else and I can go at my only pace.

I also get on ride faster because I'm a single rider. The downside is when I want to have my picture taken this is is where Photo Pass comes into play.

It can get lonely not having someone to talk to or eat with but this is how it is. I on times try chatting with someone in line but it does last long since most of the people that travel to Disney  down speak English or just don't like to talk with strangers.

I'm always looking for someone to meet up with so if you are interested in the times that I will be there email me at for my plans.

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