Friday, July 18, 2014

Swag Bucks Real or a Waste?

A while ago I found a site called Swag Bucks so I gave then a test run on seeing if it is Real or a Waste. Well in my first years of doing Swag Bucks I have made $500 CASH. The money goes into Pay Pal. It is a REAL THING! There are a lot of sites that will give you points for doing things though their sites but some of then can take a long time before you can cash out for a reward. But Swag Bucks is different. When you have bucks to cash out you can cash out and it doesn't take months to do.
It take me as long as a month to a month and a half to make 10,000 point to cash out at $100. Another site to cash out for that much money could take me years to do.
Another great thing with the money that I get I use to shop with shopping though the stores that they have. They have many stores to shop at. Some shops will give 1 SB for $1 but some will give more. Also some of the store take Pay Pal so the money you have in Pay Pal you can use and get more SB's. Best Buy and The Disney Store are a sample of places that take Pay Pal.
Now I have learned how to make more SB's using Accelerator. You have to pay for it. They have two plans one is $4.99 and the second is $9.99. With these you can earn more SB's, and you can make more in a little bit of time. If you have money in your Pay Pal account that Swag Buck has paid you you can use to pay for Accelerator.
Swag Buck is REAL!

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