Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getting Ready to Visit "The House of Mouse"

In 100 days I will be going to Walt Disney World. It will be my 6 trip there since 2007. I can't believe it's been 7 years since I started going there. It's a vacation that I love. Even if I go there by myself I still love it.
I have been working on my plans for some time. This time I will be buying a Annual Pass and plan on at least two trips to make the Pass worth it. I hope to maybe squeeze three trips.

In 2012 I went and bought the Premier Passport. This is that Pass that is good in both DL and WDW. At that time I was living in Las Vegas so I made the pass worth it. I would make days trips to Anaheim. I took 2013 off from traveling to save up for this next adventure.

Now I'm going to buy another Annual Pass and travel to WDW.
This first trip starts in Dec. In  Dec 2007 was when I made my first trip there. I got the Fall/Winter Room Discount for Dec. Also I have points to get a free flight to Florida. So I saved some money to start off.
I have everything taken care of already. I have already have gotten my luggage tags for magic Express. I have ordered my Magic Band. It will be a Blue Band. My first band from my last trip was Grey. I plan on getting a different color for each trip.

I have some other things to get taken care of. The big thing is getting "TSA-Pre". With this I will be able to go though Security faster at the airport.