Saturday, September 6, 2014

Disney is good for your Mental Health

I have been suffering from Bi Polar Disorder for many years. I have it under control but there are some times I need a little boost. I use to live in Las Vegas, NV and one year I bought a Annual Pass at Disneyland. Since Las Vegas is only a hour flight to Anaheim and when Southwest Air had a Sale I would make a trip to Disneyland. I would fly there for the day and sometime I would stay the night. Before going sometimes I would feel bad, so I many Disney my form of therapy. When I went though the gates I would start to feel better.
Disney is a place that you can go and take a break from the preambles that they have. It's a place that you can feel like a kid again.

Whatever your age when you go though those gates you are 12 again. 

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