Friday, June 20, 2014

How to make some easy money with some time

For years I have been looking all over the net looking for sites that give money for just looking at videos to shopping. I have tired a lot of them some of them you can make things is a short amount of time to some that it would take months and sometimes years to get something.
Here are some sites that I have tried and slowly made some money. Memolink and MyPoints are two that it took a long time to make anything.
That ended  a year ago. I found a site called Swag Bucks. In my first year I made $500 by watching videos and shopping. The one down side to it is that it can take a few hours to all day to make the daily point goal.  By this is all worth it. A month ago I started using a tool called  Accelerator. This makes points add up faster. It does cost to have it but it you are making some money Swag Bucks can pay for it.

Now you are thinking, "How much does this cost?" They have two different programs. Accelerator cost $4.99. for that it will match your first 700 points. Accelerator Plus cost $9.99 for that it will match your first 1500 points. If you are using the SB's money can pay for it so it's not costing you a thing.

I have Accelerator so I pay $4.99 and in the first month made close to 7000 points just by watching videos. This is just though my work there are bonuses. If you are making goal everyday you can make a 300 bonus. So within 6 weeks of time you can pull in 10,000. That equals $100 to Pay Pal.

So think about it takes you say 2-3 hours to make goal, doing some shopping online and getting bonuses you can make $100 in  weeks.

Swag Bucks have a lot stores you can shop at. If you work it right and the store takes Pay Pal you can have SB's pay to shop. On top of that you will get points for shopping. That is a Win-Win!

Just to give you a idea of the sites that use Pay Pal. Southwest Airlines. Walmart and 
The thing that I cash in my SB's is MONEY to Paypal.

I have a trip plan in March and I will be flying on Southwest and I will have SB's paying for it.