Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cats at Disneyland

Do you know that there are feral cats that are living at Disneyland? Yes that is right there are. Since the 50's there have been cats that are living in the park. Why are they there? Well to catch the mice. In the beginning there were 100 cats that were living in Sleep Beauty's Castle. Now there are lower numbers. In the 70's they noticed that the kitten population was getting high so they started to trap the cats. This wasn't to get rid of the they but to fix them and given the care that they needed. This cut down on the kitten population.
To this day there are maybe 6 cats known to be there. It's hard to know how many there are because they like to hide during the day. Disney has feeding stations for them so they don't go though the trash.
To see one of the cats is a rare thing since they like to hide. But for time to time one will be spotted in the park.
Now it's a game to see if you can find or spot one. One of the cats is pretty smart to having a twitter account and blog. It's hard to imagine a cat using a smart phone to tweet during the day but there is. To find them on Twitter their @disneylandcats. The cat that tweets says so cute and funny things.
I have only seen one cat and it wasn't in the park but in one of the back stage areas. One day I was sitting at Paradise Pier Hotel waiting for my shuttle to the airport when I notice the open gate over by the Grand California was open. To my surprise  I saw a black fluff cat walking there.
The cats have been seen by cast members at night after closing. I was told of a cat that likes to walk around Main Street.These are cats are well loved by the Disney staff and Disney has no plans to get rid of them. There has been reports of other cats that have been spotted at the other motels around Disneyland these cats are known as "Good Neighbor Cats." So when you are in the park beware that they might be a cat watching you. Specially if you are carrying a churro or Turkey leg since this is some there favorite things to eat.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Disney is good for your Mental Health

I have been suffering from Bi Polar Disorder for many years. I have it under control but there are some times I need a little boost. I use to live in Las Vegas, NV and one year I bought a Annual Pass at Disneyland. Since Las Vegas is only a hour flight to Anaheim and when Southwest Air had a Sale I would make a trip to Disneyland. I would fly there for the day and sometime I would stay the night. Before going sometimes I would feel bad, so I many Disney my form of therapy. When I went though the gates I would start to feel better.
Disney is a place that you can go and take a break from the preambles that they have. It's a place that you can feel like a kid again.

Whatever your age when you go though those gates you are 12 again.