Friday, December 5, 2014

WDW Day 2 and 3

Day 2 was my first full day. I spent the morning at Animal Park. It was very quite in the morning so much that I did Everest 6 times, 5 in a row and the 6th was on my Fast Pass. Well that turned into a big mistake. After the four I felt sick, but I got over it. Well after the 6th I didn't feel that great that I went and spent the rest of the day at the resort. That evening I was going to the Christmas party. It was fun but it rained off and on. I still had a good time. i can now scratch it off the list. I'm going to stick to going to the Halloween party.

Day 3 was spent at EPCOT but still that was disappointing it was cloudy and it also rained.

Tomorrow I going to take it easy. The weather isn't that great so this trip is a bit of a disappointment.

Maybe I will have better luck going in Sept. Being here in Dec is nice but it is the time of the Pop Warner Football. There are too many kids that at a little bit wild.

I hope to spend some time at Hollywood Studio tomorrow. I might just spend the day seeing the other resorts and do some shopping.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walt Disney World-------Day 1

My day started at midnight. I don't sleep very well the night before a trip. The morning was filled with getting my Swag Bucks done. Hey I have to start to get points for my next trip.
At 5:30 am I got to my shuttle to Phoenix and the next two hours was the drive to the airport. After getting to the airport I got check in and waited for my flight to Orlando. The flight was a full flight.
I spent the time on the plan sleeping and watching TV. It was a long flight.
I got to Orlando Airport at 4:00 pm, the next thing was getting to shuttle to the resort. I was lucky that there was a bus leaving right away. While getting though the line to get on the bus I had one of the Cast Members comment on my ear hat. I have a hat that I got Disneyland. It's a real one. It was only sold at DCA. It felt great to have people notice my hat. On the bus there was a little girl sitting behind me. She started asking questions about my hat. Also she was doing the thing a little girl that was excited about being  going to Walt Disney World. On the drive was a quite ride. I spent the time looking out the window.
My resort was the second one. I got off the bus and got my bag then went inside to get my room. The Cast members are very friendly. I had one CM make a comment about my hat.  I told her the story behind it and then when to the counter to get my room number. After that I headed to the room. My room is in building 9 and on the second floor. I got to the room and got some things then headed to the park. I had to buy my Annual Pass. I went to Magic Kingdom. Getting the pass went smoothly. I head inside the park. On the walk to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train I cut though one of the gift shops. I saw some things that I wanted to buy but I didn't want to buy it now. When I got to the ride I saw that it was at 50 minutes. So I got in line. It was a long line. It took a lot of time to get to the ride. The ride was so cool. It was short but I didn't care it was a ride that I had been waiting for 3 years. After the ride I was getting hungry so I went to Columbia Harbor House for some dinner. I wasn't really hungry so I got some Clam Chowder. I was really good. It had a lot of calms. Now I'm starting to get tired so I headed back to the bus and headed back to the resort. Before going to my room I stopped off and bought my Refillable Mug, Filled it up and then headed to the room. When I got to my room my suitcase that I checked in was finely in my room.
I finely got ready for bed. I was so tied that I went to sleep.

Tomorrow is my first full day. That evening I will be going to The Holiday Party so I'm going to keep things lite.