Monday, June 15, 2015

The Benefits of having a Gift Card vs Charging to Your Room

On my early trips I have gotten the Dining Plan and charged things to my room. This is a easy way to do things, until you see your credit card bill.
I have looked at my Dining Plan bills, added all the receipt and found that I was getting my money worth. But I was getting too much food to eat. So I stopped getting the Plan. It doesn't work that well for me. I can see it working for a family, not for a single person like me.

On my last trip I decided to get Gift Cards. I bought two cards. One for food and the other for shopping. The money that I would put on them was my spending for my trip. It worked very well for me. When the card ran out that was it.

What I would put on the Food Gift Card was $200. Having the Dining Plan would have cost $240. I knew that I won't spend that much on food. After the trip I had $39 left the card. I ate well. I did a lot of research on count service places before and picked out the places that I wanted to eat plus I knew what I wanted to eat. I got a Refillable Mug so I wouldn't have to buy drinks all the time. Most of the time I went to the resort food courts to eat. I would be able to refill my mug there. Also I never bought a dessert because after a while you get tired of the same thing every time.

Another thing I did was bring a water bottle. Before I left the food court I would fill the mug and then pour it into the bottle so I would have something to drink for later.

The bottle that I bring has a wide opening so I can put ice in it. It would also save money by not buying drinks in the park.

Now the shopping card. I would put $200 on a card and that would be my limit for shopping. I stayed within my limit.

My up coming trip I will do the same have two Gift Card. It's a good way to go.

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