Monday, April 25, 2016

One week Out

I have little over a week to go before my trip. I have a lot of the things that I need to buy for the trip. Now it's time to get my luggage out of the closet. I'm taking the rolling duffle, a small carry on and my backpack. I have a small bag that has all of the cords for my phone, computer and I pod.
I will be taking two laptops. One is small that I will use to watch TV on the flight. The second will be for writing and for some work. Yes I do work when I'm on my travels. Got to make the money for the next trip. I do my Swag Bucks, I do a bit in the morning and the rest after I get back for the park in the evening. Since I will be in Florida and Swag Buck time is Pacific time I will be able to get to the first goal.

I will be bring two water bottles. I like to carry two bottle with me that is so I don't have to got to a resort to refill it. I refill it with the refillable mug. Getting that Refillable Mug save me a lot of money. Since I fill it up at least 5 times during the day. At $2-3 to buy drinks it worth  the $16 to use it for the whole week.

I will be going though menus to find place to eat while I'm there. One thing I will eat pretty well while I'm there.

Next thing to do is the packing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two Weeks and Counting!

I have two week to go before I head to WDW. Now I start getting the last minute things done. I have started to take a mile walk everyday. I also go and buy my Gift Card. I will buy one before because I buy it from Fry's and when I get it they have a deal is where you can get x4 in fuel points. A $200 card means 800 points. I don't drive so my friend that takes me to the airport uses the points.
I also go and pick up my travel stuff. I want to do it now so I don't leave it to the last minute.

I also keep a eye on the weather there. I have a layover in Denver,CO and they have been having a lot of snow that can cause delays and cancel flights. I don't need that to happen to me.

I have my Fast Passes and restaurant reservation made.  I have also be watching videos seeing the new things that are going on.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

10 Visits in 10 Years

This trip is my 10th visit to Walt Disney World. That is the only place i have visited that isn't you see family. My 1st visit was in 2006. I stayed at The All Star Music resort. It is a nice resort but the time that I went was the time that when it was full of kids. It was ok but it was Dec. My trips after that I started to come in Sept. and I started staying at Pop Century. I have been going there every since.

This year I will be making two trips since I'm now a Annual Pass holder. .

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Getting Ready for Walt Disney World

I have about 3 weeks to go before I make my journey to WDW. I have to decide on which suitcase to take, the suitcase or duffle case. Each one is a good size but the duffle has more room if I buy big things. I might take the suitcase since I will be looking for a new bag while I'm there. At Disney Springs there is a Travel Shop that has all sorts of luggage. I hope to find a small carry on case.

Another thing that I have to get is some food for my fight. Since I will be leaving early in the morning I will be packing some things for breakfast. Also something to have on my layover. Airport Restaurants can get pricey so having something beforehand helps.

When it get closer to a week before I have be looking at the weather in Disneyworld for the time I will be there. It being May it should be nice, but things to happen. Then I will getting out the clothes that I  want to take,

Right now I just got notice that my Magic Band has shipped so I have to keep a eye out in the mail also in that time I will be getting the luggage tag and other information that I need for the shuttle.
The tag that I will be getting is a special tag that that will tell the baggage people at the airport to put my bag it area. Disney offers to pick up your luggage and deliver it to your resort. So no going to Baggage Claim. Having this cut down my time to getting to the shuttle.