Monday, April 25, 2016

One week Out

I have little over a week to go before my trip. I have a lot of the things that I need to buy for the trip. Now it's time to get my luggage out of the closet. I'm taking the rolling duffle, a small carry on and my backpack. I have a small bag that has all of the cords for my phone, computer and I pod.
I will be taking two laptops. One is small that I will use to watch TV on the flight. The second will be for writing and for some work. Yes I do work when I'm on my travels. Got to make the money for the next trip. I do my Swag Bucks, I do a bit in the morning and the rest after I get back for the park in the evening. Since I will be in Florida and Swag Buck time is Pacific time I will be able to get to the first goal.

I will be bring two water bottles. I like to carry two bottle with me that is so I don't have to got to a resort to refill it. I refill it with the refillable mug. Getting that Refillable Mug save me a lot of money. Since I fill it up at least 5 times during the day. At $2-3 to buy drinks it worth  the $16 to use it for the whole week.

I will be going though menus to find place to eat while I'm there. One thing I will eat pretty well while I'm there.

Next thing to do is the packing.

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