Friday, May 13, 2016

Back from Walt Disney World

This trip was good. One of the big things that was so bad was the fact that the Wi Fi  sucks at WDW. I wanted to try to write every day but since the Wi Fi was so bad and slow I couldn't get anything done. This was upsetting. Here Disney wants people to use their smart phone for the My Disney App, they have to upgrade the WiFi. Some people don't have smartphone with data plans or don't want to waste date to check things.

I have been doing a study during my trips for the last 10 years. This study is on if people will talk to strangers. Here are my results. The over all answer is a big No. People are so much into there only world that they forget that their are other people. I have been trying to conversations with people. The longest conversation is a couple second or a minute or two.

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