Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day One Travel Day

This morning started off with a 6 am flight. It was long since I'm flying in from the West . The flight was good. I had got to MCO at 4 pm.
The shuttle ride was fast. I got a text telling me my room number that came in when I was at the Airport.

I quickly found my room. The room is nice but it missing the clock radio so I don't have the time.

After dropping off my stuff I went to Magic Kingdom. I was up there in time for my first Fast Pass. After it I went to something to eat. I went and got a Lobster Roll. It was good but had too much bread.

The weather was very sticky. It looked like it wanted to rain somewhat but didn't. I got it some rides. I went to The Haunted Mansion. They had added some new tech at the end of the ride. It showed a my picture and name. It was cool.

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