Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Booking a Trip

I have been traveling to WDW for 10 years. I have always do my research to find the best deal. There are a lot of websites to help in booking a trip. But which is best? Well here is how I book a trip. In the beginning I use a Travel Agent that does Disney trips. These people go and do all the work to making your trip easy. They can do a payment plan.

Travel Sites where you can book packages of Hotel and Flight.  I don't use these site because they don't have Southwest flights.

I have checked Southwest Vacations to get a price for a trip. They do have sales on Disney Vacations. They are deals good also if you want to stay at A of A and you want a Little Mermaid room. You can get the Disney discount. Disney website doesn't have a discount on theses room.

The way I book my trip is book it separate. Air though Southwest and Room though Disney. Since I have AP I don't get the packages.

I book Room Only and I get the AP discount. I can save $100 on my stay.

I book my flight at least 5-6 months a headed of time. You can get better deal the early you book. My flight are under $400 round trip. Also booking on Tuesdays you can the best fare.

I book my room though Disney. If I find a better deal I can re-book and I can lower my deal.

Finding the best deal you have to do your research.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting Ready

My next trip to WDW is coming up. It all started at the 60 day mark. When that happened I did my online check in and booked fast Passes.
This trip I giving some things a second chance. First is staying at All Star Music Resort. I stayed there n my first trip.It;s a nice place but when I was there was when there a lot  of cheerleaders. Well on there trip I hope that it's better. I hope that I can get the building that I want.
I'm also giving Crystal Place a second chance. This time I'm going for lunch and bring Duffy. I hope that food is better.

This trip I didn't make too many Fast Passes since this trip I'm planning on getting pictures with characters.Since I have Photo Pass with my AP I like to get as many photos as I can.

This trip I'm going to go to The Christmas Party. The last time I went I rained. I ended cutting it short. I'm also going to do a tour. I'm going on The Keys to the Kingdom. It's a hard tour to get but I booked it at the 160 day mark. I'm looking forward tp going on it. Since taking In Walt's Footsteps tour at Disneyland I have wanted to go on the Keys tour.

This year WDW is turning 45. Disney have increased the shopping discount to 20% so I'm going to do some good shopping. I have been looking at a suitcase for a couple years. this time I might get it.
At Disney Springs a lot of new stores have opened. So I'm going to take a day to check out things.