Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting Ready

My next trip to WDW is coming up. It all started at the 60 day mark. When that happened I did my online check in and booked fast Passes.
This trip I giving some things a second chance. First is staying at All Star Music Resort. I stayed there n my first trip.It;s a nice place but when I was there was when there a lot  of cheerleaders. Well on there trip I hope that it's better. I hope that I can get the building that I want.
I'm also giving Crystal Place a second chance. This time I'm going for lunch and bring Duffy. I hope that food is better.

This trip I didn't make too many Fast Passes since this trip I'm planning on getting pictures with characters.Since I have Photo Pass with my AP I like to get as many photos as I can.

This trip I'm going to go to The Christmas Party. The last time I went I rained. I ended cutting it short. I'm also going to do a tour. I'm going on The Keys to the Kingdom. It's a hard tour to get but I booked it at the 160 day mark. I'm looking forward tp going on it. Since taking In Walt's Footsteps tour at Disneyland I have wanted to go on the Keys tour.

This year WDW is turning 45. Disney have increased the shopping discount to 20% so I'm going to do some good shopping. I have been looking at a suitcase for a couple years. this time I might get it.
At Disney Springs a lot of new stores have opened. So I'm going to take a day to check out things.

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