Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day One

Yesterday was my travel day. It was a long day for me. It started at 7 am at TIA. It was a long flight. It took 8 hours. Getting to the resort was easy. I;m giving this resort a second chance. And the odds of me staying here again is very slim.I got type of room that I wanted. I wanted a room in Calypso Building and I got a room on the ground floor. The room has a king size bed. It nice. The buses suck but this cheap place,

It wifi is another down side. It's not fast. So I won't be able to do my SB's like I wanted to.

Another downer is the smart phone that I have the app doesn't work. So i won't be able to make my FP's with the phone.

Today I'm heading to The Studios. Then in the afternoon to Epcot and the evening at The Magic Kingdom since they are open until 1 am.

I hope the rest of my day goes better. The morning suck.

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