Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day Two

Today was a OK day. The outcome of this election depresses me. I started of having a good day. I went to the Studios id did my two fast passes and then headed to Epcot for something to eat.

I had some great food. I went the Greece, Morocco and Canada. I had the  Cheese Soup. It was good. It had a bit of a kick to it. It has Moose Head Beer in it. After eating I walked around World Showcase. I stopped into some shops to look around to see what I like to buy, I went into Japan and saw a Money Cat that I would like to add to my collection. I also stop in Norway and saw a Elsa and Anna that was a pretty, I plan on going back later to buy them,

I stayed at the resort for the rest of the evening since tomorrow I have a tour at 8 AM. I going on The Keys to the Kingdom. It's a tour I have wanted to do for a long time. Since I went on In Walt's Footsteps at Disneyland in 2012 I really had a great time most of the things that I heard I already knew about. The best thing was going in Walt's apartment. I had been trying to get Keys but it was sold out and hard to get. At 100 days before I call to book it and got it, I'm looking forward to hearing about the story behind The Magic Kingdom.

Since I stayed in tonight. I thought maybe Swag Bucks would work but that was a big NO. I won't be able to get my SB's while I'm here. It depressing but the WiFi sucks here. So my evening was watch TV.
Now depressing has hit. this Election didn't go well. Now I'm starting to worry of what is going to happen with the new president. I fear of losing my benefits. It could happen but I know that it won't happen,

I have been tying to get been trying to get some sleep but nothing is working. It's too late to get something to eat. I have put on some music. I hope that will help. TV isn't that great.

Maybe doing to surfing online will help.

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