Monday, November 14, 2016

Last Day

Here it is my last day here. And all I can say it was BAD! When I first came to WDW I stayed at All Star Music and that stay wasn't great either. The people here were friendly, My room was OK I have had better. As for my next stay I will go back to Pop Century. To get any where is a long bus ride except when going to Animal Kingdom.

My days in the park was fun. I didn't stay until closing like I have in the past. It has gotten crowed over the years. When I went to The Christmas Party I was hoping to spend a lot of time there but left after a couple hours. I wanted to see characters  but the lines for them were long and I didn't want to spend all my time waiting.

This year Disney gave a 20% discount for the 45th anniversary so I did a lot of shopping. The things that I bought were the high ticket stuff. These were things that I have been looking at for years.

Every year I buy my two gift cards. I spend all of the Shopping Card Gift Card and have some money left on the Food Card.

Too sum up my stay. Is to say that I didn't have that relaxing time. It didn't help with chasing my depression away.

As for when my next trip it will be late 2017 or 2018 depending on money and the way that the country will go with the new Leader.

I hope for my next trip I will be at POP and have a better Wifi so I can write my during then trip.

I will NOT stay at All Star Music ever again!

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