Monday, November 7, 2016

Last Minute Packing

Here it s the day before I leave for WDW. Yesterday I got my food and snack that I want to take. I like to   take bottle of juice for my breakfast. It's good to take something for breakfast so you don't have to buy breakfast.

I have a lot of cables for the things that I need to charge. I also have a wireless speakers  so have can listen to my music

I have also look at what the weather is going to be like. The weather is good and there is no chance of rain. But I'm still bringing my umbrella.

Great thing is that I can get my boarding pass today. I hope to get a good number. My first leg is to Vegas. I only have 55 minutes there. Hopefully I will have time to make a pit stop and stretch my legs. The second leg has a stop in Kansas City but I don't have to change planes then off to MCO. Tomorrow it going to be a long day. Tonight I won't be sleeping to much.

I will be doing my Swag Bucks during my trip. Since the start of SB is 12 PST so  that is 3 EST. I have my laptop so I can get my SB. I do the videos and I do the ones that can run by themselves so I can do them when I take a shower or going to the Food Court to fill my mug.

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