Saturday, November 25, 2017

How I can afford to go to Disneyworld

I travel to Disney World at least twice a year. I live on a fixed income and don't work. I make extra money by doing Swagbucks. I live in Arizona. I don't own a house or car. I get rid of my credit cards. I have a Pre Paid Card it's the Bluebird card and it is sold though Walmart. It's backed by American Express so it doesn't have fees.

After all my bills are paid I put $300 each month on the card. I budget out 4-5 months ahead of time. When I have $1200 budget out I start planing a trip. During this time I'm checking airfares. When I see a cheap airfare I start getting my Disney Plans made.

I fly on Southwest Airline. They have good fares and don't charge for bags. The flights that leave in the mornings don't get on the late afternoon so I take on of the late flight. These flights leave in the afternoon and get in  early morning. The booking doesn't start until the time I get to MCO so I have to spend some time at the airport before getting to go to the resort. I can spend 3-4 hours at the airport so I do have pillow so I can sleep.

I have a Annual Pass so I don't have to buy tickets so I book a Room Only.

When I come to Shopping and Eating I do buy two Gift Cards. I buy them before I go because I get fuel points that I give to a friend that drives me get to use.

Doing Swagbucks I can make $100 a month so when I make $400 I can pay for my airfare.

It is possible to go to Disney World when living on a budget.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Daniel's Jewelry Review

A while ago I went into this store to look around while I was in there a woman keep telling me about the credit card I told her many times that I wasn't interested but she didn't stop. I applied for it just to make her stop. I got it even with a low credit score. Found out later that this was though In House Credit and the rate was 29.99%. If I knew about in I wouldn't done it. I ordered a ring but it had to be ordered. Within 7 days I got a bill saying I had to make a payment with 10 days. I never got the ring and they want me to pay for it? CRAZY!

I went to Yelp to make a review and that got the attention of the Head Office. After telling this guy what happen I told him that I wanted to return the purchase and have the charge taking off but they couldn't do it. The guy said that I could go back and get the charge taken off. I will do this in a few days.

I will never do business with this company. Their jewelry is cheap looking.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cast Members

Disney calls the people that work her Cast Members. In All the years I have been coming I have been able to talk to a lot of them. I'm my life at home I won't talk to another people for days, Sometime longer. So I look forward to having chats with CM's. I have some of the best chats. S lot of them love to talk to people. They are there to help in anyway they can. Each CM wears a name tag with their first name and the place that they are from.

In all my year coming to Disney I have met a lot of CMs. A lot of they are here on the Collage Program and can be here for a limited stays. There are a lot that have been here for years. I have met some that have been here since day one. 45 years that is rare here. If they have been have for more that 5 years they are Old Timers. Talking to these people is real fun. They are Cm's that I make a point to seeing. Since I stay at POP there is a woman that has been here for 30 years. She only worked some other job but a lot of it is at POP. Her name is Tammy. She has dark curly hair. If you ask anybody "Where's Tammy?" they will tell you. I make it a point talk to when I get here and say Bye to her when I go home.

This trip I make so friends that I will be looking for when I come back. A woman who name is Kim, she work at Animal Kingdom. She is at Island Merchet, She is a older retired nurse that has been here for a few years. We would talk about the health benefits to coming to Disney. She told me what shops she works and told me the next time I come to find here,

At EPCOT I met is guy. He is a good looking black man. When I first started talking to his I said, "Your a tall drink of water!" He never herd that phase before and when I told him what it means he cracked up laughing. I asked him how long he has been married,I saw a nice looking wedding ring. He said 21 years. Now Days that is along time. I told him that when he get home he should write down this memory. People like me don't come around a lot. Also I told him he should tell his wife what I said. I know that she will give him the look and then start laughing.His name is Rodrick. He is part of the DVC and tried so hard to get me into this. I told he it wouldn't work and why.

At Magic Kingdom there is a guy who play the piano at Casey's corner. He is very famous. he wear a blue name tag. This is only given out to outstanding CM's. He was play the piano and noticed my birthday button. He said "Hey it's Sara's Birthday so let sing Happy Birthday to her." So everyone sung Happy Birthday to me. That made me feel so good to have this happen. A bunch of strangers all singing Happy Birthday. That will  remember for a long time.

The best for last is the College Program kid that are in EPCOT. These people are from other country. They love to here about other places in the US and teaching about I will never see these people again so their name are many.

The Cast Members are the best thing about coming to Disney!     

New Rooms Pop Century

At Pop Century they remolded the rooms. I was lucky to get in one. There are only 3 buildings that have been done. The rooms are totally redone. Everything is brand new.  Also they added a coffee maker to the room. In other Value Resorts there isn't a coffee maker.

/The old room have two double beds. This makes the room feel small. It has a feel of being in a Motel 6. Since I travel alone it work out very well but I can't see a family of four in that room.

The new room has a queen size and a Murphy bed. When the Murphy is up it is a table with two chairs. Having this set up opens up the floor space. The feel is like beings at home. It has a small fridge and a coffee maker that also has all the things to make coffee. Now the type of coffee isn't the best but it is there.

The bath has been redone. From the sink to the bathtub is brand new. The sink is much bigger and has better hard wear. The bathtub is still small. It you have kids it will work good but for a adult it doesn't work. It now has two shower heads. The big shower head is good size and has a rain feel to it. The other is a hand held.

The carpet is gone so it is a hard wood floor but it's not real wood. So it isn't load walking around.

They use a White Color of paint. This give it a clean look.

The dresser is large. It has three large drawers. It also has the safe and the safe it a key pad locking so no dealing with having a key.

The outlets are different. It has the two plugs plus two USB ports so it makes it easy to charge things up.

Now the best for last, the TV. This can make of break a room. It is now a large 55 inch TV. Well it is bigger than the TV that I have at home a 32 inch.

The new rooms don't make you feel in a motel but in a hotel.

As of this writing they have 3 building done, But the project should take a year. The target date is 5/18 to have the resort done. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dreams Destored

 These time are very dark. I keep up with what is going on in the whole but now it looks very dark. I have worked hard to get the things that I have. But now there is a person in Washington DC that wants to take that all away. The things that I have gotten has been a long road to travel. Right now I'm on a trip that I have been looking forward to it for months is starting to look as being  a nightmare. When I go on my trips I go to help with making my life look better. But this trip hasn't been great. I go on this trip to forget all the stress of the outside world but not this trip. My depression goes away while I here, but the nightmare is still here,

I don't have a great life. I don't live a life of the American Dream. My life is life of horrors. A lot people think that I life is great. I don't work and I have gotten a lot of things to live on. To most people I'm just freeload. But they don't know the horror that I have been though. I don't wish this on anybody. I just have to live with me. It is a matter of time when all the thing that I've worked on get.

Things have to change. And the big thing to get rid of a person that is the leader of this country. this man needs to be stopped before he destroy peoples life.  I will not be able to handle the next four years, Stop this man.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Last Halloween Party

Last night I went to the Halloween party and it was so crowded. The lines to do anything were long. On top of it it being to hot. I had to leave early because I wasn't feeling well. My meds had wore off and I was in so much pain. I could barely walk. Walking back to the bus was the worst. It took me 45 minutes to walk back to the bus. I would past Cast Members and none of them could see that I was in pain. I did get photos with Jack and Sally. I had a great time interacting with them. I told them that nothing scares me. Jack couldn't understand that. I'm that the type of person that I have no emotions. I did get alot of pictures of my time with them. After that I walked around to the trick or treat station. That was a nightmare too. The long were too long.

As much as I love Halloween I won't be going to the party again. Sadly the night was cut to short. I din't get too much candy as I hoped for. It was too hot and crowded.

A very big disappointment! I won't be going back.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Doing Swag Bucks while on Vacation

When I go on vacation I take my laptop. I always do my Swag Bucks  when I'm gone. I don't do as much as I do at home just so long as I get to the first Goal. Since SB's clock is on Pacific time and I'm in Florida there is 3 hour difference.

How I work it is I will get up 4-5 am and I will get my laptop going. I will do it least two hours and when I get back for the evening that can be anytime between 9-12 am. I can do a couple hours before going to bed.

I can get as set of videos going while I go to take my shower  or if I make a run to the food court to fill my water bottle.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Living on Section 8

Section 8 is a program though HUD that give Low Income people a chance to live in apartments. This program has been around since the 1940's. This program isn't easy to get on. To get on this program you have to a income that is in the limit and fall into the areas that can gt this. If you get on the waiting list  the wait can be long if the list is open. In which has been closed for years.

When I got on it was 1987. The wait them was 6-8 years. I was living in a abusive home so I was able to get though the red tape fast.

This program is the only way that I can live alone. I have a nice apartment and want to live on a long time. I will never gt off this. I will never have the money to pay for my apartment. I will never be able to get a house. I can't manage what it takes have a house.

I have to go though a lot of loops to gt this. I have to fill out paper work every year. Go though inspections of m apartment. I have even have to deal with bad inspectors. I will never be able to get off of the program.

I do have a wish to get a house but that is not going to happen. The type of house that I would like is a Tiny House but there are none in Tucson or a place to put one.

 I will always be on this for the rest of my life. So I have to do all the paper work and deal with the inspection.

Monday, August 21, 2017

What Luggage to Take

I have little more than 30 days before I leave. Well it time to decide what luggage to take. I always take three bags with me. One to check in and two carry-on. When I come home I will check in two bags. I don't have to worry about fees since I take Southwest. The big thing is deciding which bags to take. Well last year I found a new case at Macy's sale. It is a Hard sided case. I got a great deal on it. I will pack half with clothes and the other half with things that I can't have in my carry-on. One of the carry-on I have the things that I will need when I get there. The second carry will have things like my laptop. I also have a back pack but it will be packed.

The way that I pack I will have room for the things that I buy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flying out of TIA

TIA is the Airport in Tucson. It's a small airport. There are about 14 gates. So three are just a few of airlines that fly out of there. I fly on Southwest. The other airport is Skyhabor that is in Phoenix. It's a two hour drive from Tucson. It is a much bigger airport. The fares can be better but there is the drive. Since I don't drive I have to take a shuttle.   It can cost $80 round trip. Adding the air fare and shuttle they can be higher than the fare out of TIA.

TIA is around a 30 minute drive from where I live. I have a friend that gives me a ride to the airport. Since the flight that I get coming back very late at night I have to take a shuttle. It's not a bad ride home, since I come in so late I can be the only one on the shuttle.

My upcoming flight is leaving on a Saturday. I have always flown during the week so this is going to be something new. Since I have TSA pre check going thought security fast. I have a long flight. It's 7 hours. It's a flight that has 2 stops but I don't have to change planes.  It's going to be a long day for me but the great thing at the first stop I can change seat to something better.

I will have my laptop and a table that will be fully charge so I will have something to watch TV. I also have to remember to bring some food. Southwest only give peanuts. So taking something is a good thing.

When get to Orlando it will be 7 pm. I won't be checking a bag this trip. So I will be doing carry on. On my other trips I have Disney pick up my bag and bring to to the resort. Since I getting in at the hour that I am I'm going to carry  thing on. If I did that pick up I might not get my bag until the next day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Caller Scams

Lately I have been getting a lot of calls from numbers that come from phones that hide who they  are. These people hide behind numbers that are a City and State not a name that real numbers have. this is getting to be a big pain in the butt.

There are two scams that are really big. These call say that they are from the Government. The two scams are the IRS and Grant scams.
The IRS scams says that you owe money and if it isn't paid they will get you arrested.
The Grant Scams they tell you that are getting a Grant that is for a sum of money.

First of all everyone knows that the US Government doesn't call people. They send letters. If they need to talk to you the letter will tell you to call.

These scammers are not in the US  they are in India. If you listen close you will hear a lot of background noise. These are Boiler Rooms. These people don't speak clear. Their accents are very heavy. They don't know how to say words right in English.

The one thing stop answering call that don't say who they are or a number you don't know. IF you Google they will tell you about the number. Most of calls are from Ghost Numbers.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Elsa isn't Gay

There has been this rumor floating around that Elsa needs a girlfriend. Well guess what! She isn't gay. She is a Snow Queen. Most people don't know what a Snow Queen is. One thing they aren't gay. What it means to being a Snow Queen is a woman that has no emotions for other people. They prefer to being alone.

Elsa grew up in a royal house. She only had her sister to play with. When her powers were show her parent choice to shut her away. So when it was time to her to becoming Queen she choice to stay away from other contact. When people saw that she had a power people saw her as a monster so so she ran away. She started to live alone.

What made people think that Elsa is gay. Is when it was her to unfreeze Anna. It was the love of Sisters. That doesn't make her gay.

I can understand Elsa because I'm a Snow Queen. I grew up with a Mental Illness and my parents took a blind eye to it so I spent a lot time being alone.

I went to school but I didn't have friends. Even when I got old and moved to a big city that didn't change things I still had no real friends.

Still to this day I'm alone. It a lifestyle that I Love and Hate.
My twitter handle is Snow_Queen_AZ

If you want to the means to being Snow Queen Google "What is a Snow Queen."

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Pandora is a land that is opening up in Animal Kingdom at WDW at the end of May. At the time of this writing I won't be there. I will see it on my trip in Sept. Ii have watched a lot of the videos on YouTube. From what I have seen it will be a "WOW!" I have seen the movie. I didn't care for the story but did like the world  of Avatar.
I can't wait to see it in person. On my trip I plan on going one time during the day and second time at night.

There is only two rides and right now I'm not going to do them on this trip. It can take up to a year before all the bugs are fixed so I will do them on my second trip.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Going to Disney World Alone not Solo

First of all I should make clear what I mean by Solo and Alone. Going Solo means that no one has the time to go with you. Going Alone means that you have nobody. I have NOBODY!

I have always traveled alone. I don't have family or friends to speak of. When I go to Disney World I go alone. Going alone doesn't mean that I don't have fun. I have a blast! The only time I feel alone is when I'm eating.

I do chat with other people but it's only for a few minutes. I always wish that I could meet some people to hang with. I like to talk with Cast Members. There was one time I met a Cast Member that when I said that I was eating at Jiko she joined me.

When I go to Disney World I'm a different person. Since the people that I see I will never see again.  So I make up a different story each time I go.

I have one wish and that is to meet some people that would like to hang out.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Harry Potter Test Results

I found the Sorting Hat sites and some videos so I have my results of what house I would be in. I did this test four time with all the same outcomes. My House is Raven claw.

I found a test to see what character I am. Herimione Granger. Also I took a test to see who my best friend would be and my result was Herimione Granger.

My favorite character is Luna Lovegood. I have her wand.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Favorites Of Walt Disney World

I have been going to WDW for going on 10 years. Here is my favorite things and places .

Resorts: Pop Century. I have stayed there 11 times. I have stayed at All Star Music and Movies but like Pop the best. What I like about Pop is that they have their own bus. All Star's share a bus.

Park: All of them!

Food at Parks: MK Columbia Harbor House Lobster Roll

Epcot:  Too many places to eat.

Hollywood Studios:  None

Animal Kingdom; Yak and Yeti Restraint  Kobe Beef Burger

Disney Springs: Blaze and Earl of Sandwich.

Must do rides.

MK: all classic and Seven Dwarf Mine Train

Epcot: Soaring and Spaceship Earth

HS: Toy Story

AK: Safari and Everest

Favorite Chactor: Eeyore and Elsa.

Favorite things to buy: Money Cat from Japan. Handmade animals at AK.

Must go to Shops at Disney Springs: World of Disney, Christmas Store, and Harley Davidson,  

Favorite Airline: Southwest. They don't charge for Bags.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Facebook is a NOT

A few years back I got on Facebook. The reason I got on it was because the sites that I shop thought will have deals from time to time. So of the people that I watch on You Tube have fan pages.

Well I thought this would be a way to get in touch with people I went to School with, but that wasn't the case. I found all these people. After a while none of them got in touch with me. So they were deleted.

I did find cousins that I haven't talk to year and they had no interest in me. I did get a little tired of reading about their lives that got them deleted.

I did keep one cousin that I have never met and a aunt that I have never met also a aunt that I last saw in the 90's.

I have tried to meet up with the cousin that I haven't met but she never gets back to me. Oh Well!

I don't have any real friends because I'm a Snow Queen. I only have 3 people and fan pages that I like to visit.

Facebook is a BIG NOT to me.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Southwest Gift Cards and Swagbucks

Three years ago I find a site called Swagbucks. This site you can get Swag or points for all sort of thing. Shopping and watching videos are good ways to get SB.  But here is a ways that you can get Southwest Gift cards or any gift care and get a lot of SB.

My next time is on Southwest. So what I did is go to My Gift Card Plus and found that then had Southwest cards. I bought cards to cover my flight.

The cards that you can buy are $25-500. What you can get back in SB's is 75-300. If you can get back 75-300. From time to time you can get bonus of a extra 100 SB. You get back 75 cent to $3.
The redeeming SB's is 1 SB = $1.

Swagbucks is a great way to get rewards for for something you do everyday be Online. I have been doing it for three years and have made $1000 a year. It take some work but after a while you can get it to run itself.

If you want to sign up for hit this link, , You get SB's just for sign up.

Swagbucks payback is in Cash or Gift Cards are the common rewards. Cash is paid on Pay Pal so no waiting for checks.

Redeeming SB's take as long as 7- 10 days by I have gotten  things back within a couple days.

Getting SB's for buy Gift Cards are paid as soon as when you get your card. The SB's are added to you daily goal meter.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Planning time!

Right now is the time to book things. Making your Room and Flight reservations. when I make the   booking for my room I do Room Only bookings. Since I do Room Only all I have to do is pay for the first night then when I get to the resort I pay the rest off. I don't do Package Deals. I don't buy tickets since I have a Annual Pass.

Also by booking early you have the room then when a discount comes out all you have to do is re-book the reservation. Disney has discounts the come out all the time. All you have to do is check out the Disney site for when they come out.

Flight Reservations are a thing that you have to be careful of. When you make your reservations you have to put in your flight information. It's good to get a idea of when you want to travel. You can change things at anytime.

Fare can change with time. So it's a good  thing to watch the fares. But just remember flights can disappear or go up at anytime.

This trip I'm leaving on a Saturday and coming home on Friday.  Fares are a bit higher on those days. I have already book my flight. One big reason is that only a few flights that go to MCO from Tucson.

This trip I found a flight that has two stops and no lay over. Lay overs are OK depending on the city. For me the lay over choices are San Diego, Chicago, Denver and Las Vegas. So having no layover is going to be nice. When your flight stops it to let people off and on. Since you are on the plane you can change your seat. That if you are flying Southwest.

These are important things to take care of right away.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to make the Refillable Mug Worth it

Every time I go to WDW I buy the Mug. I figured out a way to make it worth it. If you are going to pay $17 for the mug you should be able to make it worth it.

Here is how you can make the mug worth the money you pay. All you need is a wide mouth bottle.

First thing you do is fill the bottle with ice.
Second fill the mug with your drink.
Third pour the drink in the bottle.

This is all legal. You are using the mug for the drink.  All you are pouring it into something else.

Doing this you can have something to drink when you go to the park.

I carry two bottles so I will have something to drink while I'm in the park. To do this all you have to do is wait for the time expire from the first fill.

After those bottles are empty I will go to a Resort's food court and fill up the bottles. What I do is get something to eat and fill up the first bottle after I get the meal After when I finished fill the second bottle.

You can go to any resort to fill your mugs. You are not tied to the resort you are staying at.

By doing this every day I fill the bottle 5 times. To buy a drink in the park is $3. By using the mug I'm saving $15 a day. In a 7 day I'm saving $100 in drinks. So my mug is paid back within a day.
This is all legal. Disney does sell wide mouth bottle so what you pour in it is OK.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TSA-Pre Check

Last year I went in and got the TSA Pre Check. This is a special line when going though Screening. It's a easy thing to get and if you make a couple trips a year it can be a good thing.

First go to the TSA website and fill out the application. You can fill it out online and submit it online.

Second make your appointment for your interview.

Third go and get a Money Order for $85. They don't take personal check, cards or cash.

Go to your interview. It is very simple. They go over your application and take your finger prints. This will take a few minutes depend on where you go.

After this is all done all you have to do is wait. TSA will a background check. Then in 45 days, sometimes faster, you will get a letter for TSA telling you have cleared. then you will be given a Known Traveler Number.

The number you will fill this number when ever you book a flight. If you have a account with the airline you can fill the information there.

When you get you boarding pass it will say "TSA Pre Check" and then you can go though the special line. You don't have to take out you laptop or you quart size of liquids. You don't have to take off your shoes or if you are wearing a light jacket.

Why I decided to get this is because the line at MCO can get very long. It can take a hour to go though. Going though TSA pre can take a few minutes.

In my first year I have used  on 4 trips. This is a new service. A lot of people have signed up for this service. If you are traveling though a big airport it can be a good thing.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Getting a Passsport

I finally got a passport. I have a friend that is planning on moving to Mexico and wants be to be able to travel there. Also I live in Arizona and the ID it doesn't have the travel star on it. They say that the ID's will be O K until 2020. So getting a passport might make things easy.

Getting a Passport is a simple thing. The first thing you should do is go a web site that has that application. Fill it out online. After it is filled out print it out. You can't file it online because you have to a passport agent to have to filed.

Second getting Photos. There are many places to get them taken. The price can vary by place. I got my taken at Costco. I have a card with them so I paid $5 for 4 photos.

Third going to a passport agency. There are many places are listed on the Gov travel site passport website.
I went to a passport agent that is at the University. I didn't have to make a appointment.

Fourth getting Money orders. To file the application you need a money order. There is a agent fee. Since I went to the University. I could pay it with my bank card. Other places will ask for a money.

Fifth going to file. Going to the University it was easy. Key is going there first thing in the morning close to opening. A lot of people are filing for passports and travel card so it get busy though the day.

Make sure that you have all papers that you need ready. To go thought the filling , they say 15-20 minutes. but if you have everything ready it can go fast.

After all that is the waiting. If you don't need it right away, they say  4-6 weeks. My passport came in 10 days.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bluebird Pre Paid Card

On a trip a couple years ago I was trying to put some  money on my Gift Card using my Bank Card. To my surprise my card won't work. I called my bank about it and they said that there was nothing wrong. I went back to try again but it didn't work so I went to the ATM. The ATM is a Chase bank so I had no fees and got cash for my Gift cards. So when I got home I started looking for a Pre Paid Card. After doing my research I found that a lot of them  had fees to have the card. Then I found the Bluebird Card. This card has the backing of American Express. This card had no fees. That make a winner.

The first thing you have to do is go to Walmart and buy the started kit. It cost $5 plus you have to put some starter money on it.

It's a great card. It has all the American Express benefits. The first thing you need to do is go to the card's website and set it up. It is very easy. I also set up Direct Deposit so I don't have to worry about transferring money. So this card is used for my internet shopping and my Disney trips.

This card is a great card to have. NO FEES!