Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TSA-Pre Check

Last year I went in and got the TSA Pre Check. This is a special line when going though Screening. It's a easy thing to get and if you make a couple trips a year it can be a good thing.

First go to the TSA website and fill out the application. You can fill it out online and submit it online.

Second make your appointment for your interview.

Third go and get a Money Order for $85. They don't take personal check, cards or cash.

Go to your interview. It is very simple. They go over your application and take your finger prints. This will take a few minutes depend on where you go.

After this is all done all you have to do is wait. TSA will a background check. Then in 45 days, sometimes faster, you will get a letter for TSA telling you have cleared. then you will be given a Known Traveler Number.

The number you will fill this number when ever you book a flight. If you have a account with the airline you can fill the information there.

When you get you boarding pass it will say "TSA Pre Check" and then you can go though the special line. You don't have to take out you laptop or you quart size of liquids. You don't have to take off your shoes or if you are wearing a light jacket.

Why I decided to get this is because the line at MCO can get very long. It can take a hour to go though. Going though TSA pre can take a few minutes.

In my first year I have used  on 4 trips. This is a new service. A lot of people have signed up for this service. If you are traveling though a big airport it can be a good thing.

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