Friday, March 31, 2017

Planning time!

Right now is the time to book things. Making your Room and Flight reservations. when I make the   booking for my room I do Room Only bookings. Since I do Room Only all I have to do is pay for the first night then when I get to the resort I pay the rest off. I don't do Package Deals. I don't buy tickets since I have a Annual Pass.

Also by booking early you have the room then when a discount comes out all you have to do is re-book the reservation. Disney has discounts the come out all the time. All you have to do is check out the Disney site for when they come out.

Flight Reservations are a thing that you have to be careful of. When you make your reservations you have to put in your flight information. It's good to get a idea of when you want to travel. You can change things at anytime.

Fare can change with time. So it's a good  thing to watch the fares. But just remember flights can disappear or go up at anytime.

This trip I'm leaving on a Saturday and coming home on Friday.  Fares are a bit higher on those days. I have already book my flight. One big reason is that only a few flights that go to MCO from Tucson.

This trip I found a flight that has two stops and no lay over. Lay overs are OK depending on the city. For me the lay over choices are San Diego, Chicago, Denver and Las Vegas. So having no layover is going to be nice. When your flight stops it to let people off and on. Since you are on the plane you can change your seat. That if you are flying Southwest.

These are important things to take care of right away.

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