Thursday, April 6, 2017

Facebook is a NOT

A few years back I got on Facebook. The reason I got on it was because the sites that I shop thought will have deals from time to time. So of the people that I watch on You Tube have fan pages.

Well I thought this would be a way to get in touch with people I went to School with, but that wasn't the case. I found all these people. After a while none of them got in touch with me. So they were deleted.

I did find cousins that I haven't talk to year and they had no interest in me. I did get a little tired of reading about their lives that got them deleted.

I did keep one cousin that I have never met and a aunt that I have never met also a aunt that I last saw in the 90's.

I have tried to meet up with the cousin that I haven't met but she never gets back to me. Oh Well!

I don't have any real friends because I'm a Snow Queen. I only have 3 people and fan pages that I like to visit.

Facebook is a BIG NOT to me.

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