Sunday, April 2, 2017

Southwest Gift Cards and Swagbucks

Three years ago I find a site called Swagbucks. This site you can get Swag or points for all sort of thing. Shopping and watching videos are good ways to get SB.  But here is a ways that you can get Southwest Gift cards or any gift care and get a lot of SB.

My next time is on Southwest. So what I did is go to My Gift Card Plus and found that then had Southwest cards. I bought cards to cover my flight.

The cards that you can buy are $25-500. What you can get back in SB's is 75-300. If you can get back 75-300. From time to time you can get bonus of a extra 100 SB. You get back 75 cent to $3.
The redeeming SB's is 1 SB = $1.

Swagbucks is a great way to get rewards for for something you do everyday be Online. I have been doing it for three years and have made $1000 a year. It take some work but after a while you can get it to run itself.

If you want to sign up for hit this link, , You get SB's just for sign up.

Swagbucks payback is in Cash or Gift Cards are the common rewards. Cash is paid on Pay Pal so no waiting for checks.

Redeeming SB's take as long as 7- 10 days by I have gotten  things back within a couple days.

Getting SB's for buy Gift Cards are paid as soon as when you get your card. The SB's are added to you daily goal meter.

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