Saturday, May 27, 2017

Elsa isn't Gay

There has been this rumor floating around that Elsa needs a girlfriend. Well guess what! She isn't gay. She is a Snow Queen. Most people don't know what a Snow Queen is. One thing they aren't gay. What it means to being a Snow Queen is a woman that has no emotions for other people. They prefer to being alone.

Elsa grew up in a royal house. She only had her sister to play with. When her powers were show her parent choice to shut her away. So when it was time to her to becoming Queen she choice to stay away from other contact. When people saw that she had a power people saw her as a monster so so she ran away. She started to live alone.

What made people think that Elsa is gay. Is when it was her to unfreeze Anna. It was the love of Sisters. That doesn't make her gay.

I can understand Elsa because I'm a Snow Queen. I grew up with a Mental Illness and my parents took a blind eye to it so I spent a lot time being alone.

I went to school but I didn't have friends. Even when I got old and moved to a big city that didn't change things I still had no real friends.

Still to this day I'm alone. It a lifestyle that I Love and Hate.
My twitter handle is Snow_Queen_AZ

If you want to the means to being Snow Queen Google "What is a Snow Queen."

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