Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flying out of TIA

TIA is the Airport in Tucson. It's a small airport. There are about 14 gates. So three are just a few of airlines that fly out of there. I fly on Southwest. The other airport is Skyhabor that is in Phoenix. It's a two hour drive from Tucson. It is a much bigger airport. The fares can be better but there is the drive. Since I don't drive I have to take a shuttle.   It can cost $80 round trip. Adding the air fare and shuttle they can be higher than the fare out of TIA.

TIA is around a 30 minute drive from where I live. I have a friend that gives me a ride to the airport. Since the flight that I get coming back very late at night I have to take a shuttle. It's not a bad ride home, since I come in so late I can be the only one on the shuttle.

My upcoming flight is leaving on a Saturday. I have always flown during the week so this is going to be something new. Since I have TSA pre check going thought security fast. I have a long flight. It's 7 hours. It's a flight that has 2 stops but I don't have to change planes.  It's going to be a long day for me but the great thing at the first stop I can change seat to something better.

I will have my laptop and a table that will be fully charge so I will have something to watch TV. I also have to remember to bring some food. Southwest only give peanuts. So taking something is a good thing.

When get to Orlando it will be 7 pm. I won't be checking a bag this trip. So I will be doing carry on. On my other trips I have Disney pick up my bag and bring to to the resort. Since I getting in at the hour that I am I'm going to carry  thing on. If I did that pick up I might not get my bag until the next day.

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