Pyshic's Pendulum Reading

I can do reading using a Pendulum. I have been doing things for over 20 years. I did work at a site for 10 years. While I was there I did readings over the phone and though Email. It was a good business until calls stop. So I left. I worked with many different people on many different topics. I had calls from the US, Canadian, England, India, and Europe. I answered questions on all types of topics.

I offer a reading of 20 questions for $50. This reading is done though Email. I don't do phone calls. These reading are paid though Pay Pal. This is the only way of payment I will take.

Guide Lines to your questions:

1. Questions are to be asked that can have a yes or no answer.
2. Question can be on any topic. Except medical, legal and gain wealth.
3. I need to know details leading up to the question.
4. No 2 part questions can be asked as a 1 question. If this happens it will be counted as 2 questions.

Things I need to know:

1. First Name of all people that questions are dealing with.
2. Where you live.
3. Age.
4. Details about yourself. This can help me focus on you when I ask the pendulum.

Readings are Pre Paid. Questions have to be asked over a 6 months periods so you don't have to ask your questions all at once.

If you want to know more Email me at

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